Before we discuss interactive post videos in detail, let’s take a look at the benefits of using traditional videos in marketing. First, integrating video with your website increases your website’s chances of appearing on the first page of Google 52 times. As these statistics show, the demand for films promoting the brand is growing.

Since consumers want their information quick and easy, video is a good way to attract those who don’t want to spend time reading a long article. The overall purpose of traditional films is to educate consumers about the products and to show how products are used to create a demand for the product among the public.

In particular, the main purpose of planning an effective video marketing campaign is to build brand awareness and increase online engagement.. But companies can achieve these goals in a more fun way by creating interactive post videos!

In this article, you will learn what interactive post video is and why it is important to create interactive post video instead of traditional video. There are also several types of interactive post videos that you can use to reach your audience in a variety of ways.

What is an interactive post video?

Interactive post video is like traditional video, but much more exciting. The main difference between them is that interactive post video allows the viewer to participate in the story. Interactive post videos allow viewers to change the story ending or provide video instructions on how to proceed. Hence, viewers no longer sit passively but become part of the interactive post movie experience.

Reasons to use an interactive post video instead of traditional video

There are many good reasons to choose animated business explainer video over traditional video in your marketing campaigns. Here are some of the key benefits that interactive post video can provide.

Increased commitment

Users pay more attention to a video when it is tailored to their interests. Overall, when it comes to interactive post content, customers are more interested in getting to know your business. Due to this increased awareness, and the longer you spend with your brand, customers are more likely to buy from your online store.

Hold view

Thanks to the interactive post video, users can see what they can make or change for longer. In addition, interactive post videos can cause customers to watch the video to the end while waiting for a response to a quiz or evaluation. Marketers can use video to engage customers with their brand and get them to come back for more exciting experiences.

Data collection on zero entities

Interactive post videos are a great way to get zero page data. By asking for information directly from visitors in exchange for experience, companies can extract most of the data from their customers and use it for personalization purposes. With an interactive post video, much more data can be collected as there are different stages and hotspots to watch. This makes interactive post videos so much more useful as you learn more about your customers. Having greater insight into your customers’ interests will also help you create content that includes them in the future.

Segmentation with email marketing

Email marketing campaigns can also be enhanced by extracting zero data from interactive post video. Businesses in particular can write emails that are more relevant to their customers. This leads to more e-mails opened and clicked on the website. With traditional video, there’s no way to generate such data or learn enough about your customers. Businesses help guide customers from funnel to checkout with interactive post videos that are helpful and fun for customers.