We at GO Paintball London, consider paintballing to be something which should be played by all at least once. For kids paintballing is thrilling engaging, immersive, and an excellent opportunity to get your kids out in the fresh air. It’s unlikely that every kid has been involved in mini painting before. Here’s an overview for beginners before you start!

Paintball is a game that is believed to be exclusively for the older crowd, because of the real-life combat and weapon use. However, it’s safer than the skatepark or any other sport. Mini Paintball Tank Adapter for Air Compressors combines all the fun aspects of painting and also includes safety measures for kids that do not sacrifice authenticity or the thrill of competitiveness.

In this blog, we’ll highlight some ways in which mini paintball differs from traditional paintball. We’ll also provide crucial tips for novice players.

What is the difference between it and Adult Paintball?

At GO Paintball London, we aim to provide everyone with the most enjoyable paintballing experience. However, our first goal is safety. This is the reason we employ equipment that is suitable for players between 8-11 years old. The guns that are low impact prevent discomfort from being caused by hitting and still have enough power to shoot at a distance.

Mini paintball is only for children aged 8-11 years old to ensure that the games are fair, and the competition is healthy. A further exciting element is the game-specific collectibles like the riot shield, sniper rifles, and various other kinds of equipment. They are strategically placed across the map to put an obstacle in the way and offer those fortunate enough to find these items a tactical advantage.

This is the Best Paintball Party London Has to Have to

In the case of birthday party ideas, It’s hard to imagine something more unique and memorable game than paintball. Here are a few bits of information to inform you of what to expect when it comes to the game itself and the price:

It is going to cost PS275 for up to eight players.

Additional players will cost an additional PS30. Therefore, feel free to organize the troops however you’d like!

A common concern people have when playing with a paintball is the possibility that you may end up spending a lot on paintballs. However, this isn’t true with mini paintballs, since every player is fully replenished after every game with no additional cost.

A gift to give from GO Paintball London to the birthday girl or boy We give free “Squad Leader” dog tags as a souvenir of their day’s fighting. We also upload photos of our squad for parents and players to upload to social media.

And did you know that there’s FREE pizza? Paintball is a hefty body workout (one of the numerous reasons why playing paintball is a blast) So how kind of host could we be if we couldn’t give enough fuel to an entire day of battle? Every participant will get their own 9-inch Pizza Hut pizza and a beverage.

Mini Paintball Tips for Beginning Paintballers

If you’re not yet able to experience the adrenaline-filled game of paintball or perhaps you’ve played previously but need some tips for the next time, here are some tips from experts.

The team tactics are crucial:

While there’s something appealing when you go into the lone-wolf mode, it’s also an ideal opportunity to shoot yourself and miss the goal. The team tactics are a crucial aspect of paintball, and communicating effectively is vital in planning ambushes as well as other tactics.

Protection and covering fire

On our battlefields, there are obstacles, forts as well as compounds that could be utilized as cover. Covers allow you to stay hidden as you plan what you’ll do next, or firing from a cover to take opponents off effectively. Covering fire is an essential strategy for teams since it allows you and your team members can move around the map in peace and a secluded enemy.

Environmental Camouflage:

We are at GO Paintball London, we have 50 acres of wooded battlefields available for gamers to play around. This means there’s an abundance of trees as well as other vegetation that offer an ideal camouflage to sneaky strategies.

Beware of picking up paintballs from the floor:

If you’re only learning how to shoot our firearms, you’re likely to miss a number of shots. Sometimes you’ll run out of ammunition. In this case, you should not collect paintballs on the floor as they could jam the gun. The ammo you have will be replenished at the end of the game. Also, you should remember that your enemies won’t be aware that the weapon you’re using is empty, and they’ll continue to hide as you shoot.