What Is The Largest Grocery Chain

Groceries are one of the largest markets because they offer something that everyone in the nation needs.  Food keeps us alive, helps us show we care for others, and can help a party thrive, but where are the most people shopping?  What grocery stores are the most prolific?

These are the largest grocery chains, and what makes them succeed year after year.

What Makes a Grocery Store Succeed?

Grocery stores generally thrive off of what deals they can offer, what products they have, and how easy it is to get to them.  Although it may feel like there are regular grocery stores everywhere, this nation has cities full of food deserts, where the only option for groceries is something most wouldn’t recognize as a grocery store.

Being prolific, and getting as close to as many neighborhoods as possible, is what will help a chain of grocery stores win, even if they don’t seem like grocery stores right off the bat.

Family Dollar

Buying food at family dollar may sound like new grocery news to many, but to some, it’s the main grocery store near them.  Family Dollar offers cheap items for less than ten dollars and groceries that can go below the dollar in price.

There are over 8,200 Family Dollars in the nation, which ensures that almost everyone has somewhere they can go to get groceries for cheap.

Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree is similar to Family Dollar, except that everything is marked at $1.25 or cheaper.  This allows families to stock up on frozen vegetables, meat, and more, all for a very low price.  This store mostly specializes in shelf-stable products, like canned goods, which ensures anyone can afford to get food here.  

Dollar Tree has nearly 8,000 stores in the United States right now and continues to grow.


Everyone knows Walmart.  Its name has become so connected to the country that many immediately think of it when they talk about America.  Low prices, huge selection, and availability across every city building into a huge success.  Although Walmart has few stores, at just under 5,000 in 2023, it’s a large option for most people.

This store has affordable okay-quality foods and offers the chance to get everything you need in one stop, which is a big deal for many people. 

Consumers Are Focused on Affordability

One thing that is clear from these three stores is that people are trying to save money.  The cost of living is impossible right now, and it’s easy to feel like absolutely everything is outside of your budget.  These stores are the canaries in the coal mine, showing that there’s one thing almost every consumer has in common. 

Although their options might not be the best sourced or the most flavorful, they keep families fed and loved ones cared for: and that’s what matters.

These Chains Each Have Their Pros and Cons

Although you may think that saving money is the top thing on people’s minds, many are looking for sustainability and healthier options in 2023.  These stores are king now, but it’s hard to tell where the future will take us.