Hemp flower as a whole can yield a variety of active ingredients. With the right processing equipment, you can get a significant amount of CBD, delta 8, and delta 9 THC. You can also get a fair bit of essential oils and terpenes. Generally, manufacturers prepare three varieties of products from hemp: isolates, broad spectrums and full spectrums. Of all these three, isolates are perhaps the once that have a mysterious touch to them. CBD isolates only contain CBD in its purest form and can either be called an isolate or a concentrate. The concentrates are then formulated into various products.

One of the products made using CBD concentrate is the CBD shatter. CBD shatter is not a widely known product. It is only popular among the tight circle of CBD users who buy CBD shatter. Thus, it is crucial that we explore the proper way to use CBD shatter.

What exactly is CBD shatter?

A CBD shatter is an isolate of cannabidiol that is made specifically to contain no other cannabinoid apart from CBD. It may be difficult to recognize shatter on paper, but you only get to spend a few moments with the product physically and you will not forget it. CBD Shatter actually gets its name from its texture. It is the case that when you handle this product, it tends to disintegrate like a brittle substance – in other words, it “shatters like glass” hence the name.  

Usually, new CBD users can confuse CBD shatter and CBD wax because they both resemble each other at face value. The difference comes when you handle them because the wax is not brittle but more pliable. Making CBD shatter is quite tedious and involves a series of processes which include Isolating CBD from other cannabinoids and filtering it repeatedly until the only thing left is pure CBD isolate.

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Once ready, the isolate is kept safe away from environmental factors such as direct light and heat. This process is called ‘allowing the CBD to set’. The product can set by itself to form a shatter. The product so formed is just the same as other isolates in terms of their pharmacological profile. The only difference is the formulation. But the potency of isolates is relatively the same. What this means is that when going to buy CBD shatter, personal preference will play a crucial role in the product you choose.

Using CBD shatter appropriately

Many users who have tried CBD isolates tend to cook them with food after infusing it in a product such as butter or baking the CBD. But there is increasing evidence that exposing CBD to heat will damage the cannabinoid which makes them less effective in the overall sense. For this reason, it is advised that you don’t cook your shatter. If you want to cook with CBD isolates, you can use the powdered products or tinctures.

The best way to consume CBD shatter is through dabbing. The process can be described characteristically as smoking since there is vaporization involved. What happens when you buy CBD shatter is that you put the product on a hot plate or a nail that is hot enough to vaporize the shatter, then you inhale the vapor. To enjoy a good experience dabbing CBD shatter, you will need to buy the appropriate equipment. The majority of users often start with a simple dab rig. They aren’t exorbitantly priced.

You should also be careful when dabbing CBD shatter. You only need to place a tiny amount of the product. Users have to understand that the CBD shatter is highly potent and inhaling large quantities of highly potent CBD shatter may not be the best experience you will have, especially when it is your first experience. To regulate the amount of CBD shatter that you consume, you can also buy vaporizers and vape pens that are designed for concentrates because these too can heat shatters and make consumption easy.


CBD shatter is relatively easier to use for veteran users. It may require a little practice before a new user can achieve perfection but you can get the gist of it after you take a couple of rounds inhaling the vapor. Know more details visit here: best delta 8 thc products wholesale

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