What kind of apps are trending

Smartphone applications have gotten a lot of attention and praise in recent years. Every day, an average of 6140 new apps are published to the Google Play Store, and 919 new apps are introduced to the iOS platform! Previously, these markets were most popular for one or two app categories, such as Social Media and Game applications. This has changed dramatically, and we now have the most popular applications from a variety of app categories, such as Instant Messaging apps, Entertainment apps, and Food and Drink apps, to mention a few. Without further ado, if you would like to know what kind of apps are trending then keep on reading to find out.

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It provides a plethora of video creation tools that enable producers to better exhibit their talent. According to Appsfigures, Tiktok was the most downloaded app in 2020. TikTok was installed 63 million times across all platforms in August alone, according to BusinessofApps. During the shutdown, an increasing number of individuals opted to go to their local play store/apple store and download the popular short-format video app to browse and keep themselves occupied indefinitely. It quickly became the most popular social networking app for initiating new trends and keeping up with the latest trends.


They are constantly upgrading their platform with new features and trends, which provide additional tools for people and companies to market their content in innovative ways.

Instagram is without a doubt the most popular social networking program. Monthly, there are over 1 billion Instagram users, with around 500 million using Instagram Stories daily. It’s also one of the few applications with a fairly even gender split, with 51 percent female and 49 percent male users. Instagram is also one of the most downloaded applications on both the Google Play and Apple App Stores. It is an excellent platform for developing your social media presence, whether for yourself or your business.


Uber’s USP is its consistency in being the most inexpensive and dependable taxi-booking platform on the planet.

Uber is one of the world’s most popular cab service applications. Their cab services are used by over 103 million active customers in 400 cities across 70 countries. This technologically advanced platform connects drivers and riders. Uber is the right answer for today’s fast-paced lifestyle when people are always on the move. They remain one of the most popular on-demand applications since their pricing is quite reasonable and taxis are always available.

Call of Duty

Call of Duty is unquestionably one of the world’s most popular first-person shooter mobile app games. The mobile app was eagerly awaited since Call of Duty delivers quality across all platforms, including PlayStation, Xbox, and other gaming consoles. It’s very fantastic to be able to play one of the most popular shooting games from the convenience of your phone. The gameplay is great, and the aesthetics exceed expectations. They offer realistic visuals, remarkable functionality, and substantial changes to various shooting modes. You may change the skin of your weapons, change your loadouts, and even buy unique powerups.

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Netflix has one of the largest collections of TV programs and movies. They also have original titles that have received critical praise. Despite the hefty fee, this has helped them remain one of the best video streaming applications to date. Their software offers outstanding usability features, such as offline downloading and 4k content. Many new competitors in the market have comparable quality requirements as Netflix but at lower rates. However, it has retained the element of authenticity and a premium feel that draws a large number of clients. Any TV series offered on their site are almost always season-complete, something that many of their competitors do not do.

Facebook Messenger

For the past several years, Facebook has been at the heart of criticism. Many users and critics have expressed concern about their stance on user data privacy regulations, leading to a large number of people quitting the site. Despite this major revelation, Facebook Messenger continues to be one of the most popular instant chat programs. They are constantly introducing new services, such as Facebook Messenger Rooms, which added video chat capabilities for up to 50 participants. They have recently combined their Instagram and Messenger talking services as an optional upgrade for customers, allowing them to communicate with their Instagram contacts from the convenience of a single app.

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