If you run a hotel, school, gym, or any other business, you need the best bulk janitorial supplies to help facilitate a welcoming and clean facility. Quality cleaning supplies may help provide a comfortable and safe experience for your clientele and staff. Here is a list of premium wholesale janitorial supplies for a wide range of applications:

Cleaning Linens

There are different types of linens designed for various cleaning activities, including wet and dry cleaning. Some of the commonly used cleaning clothes that you can get wholesale include:

  • Swabs: Swabs are all-purpose cloths made of soft, absorbent material. These supplies are typically used for wet cleaning and a damp dusting of all types of surfaces. They also clean sanitary fittings such as wash basins and bathtubs.
  • Wipes: There are different types of wipes available wholesale, including knitted cotton cloths, non-woven cloths, loosely woven cloths, and synthetic sponges. These supplies are available in various sizes and shapes. Cloth wipes are ideal for cleaning and damp dusting services. Sponges are ideal for cleaning glass, walls, upholstery, and woodwork.
  • Dusters: Dusters are ideal for dusting and buffing. They are mostly made of soft, absorbent cotton materials. When buying dusters for damp dusting, take along a dusting solution to spray it on.
  • Floor cloths: Floor cloths are bigger, thicker linens made of coarser cotton material. They are all-purpose cleaning supplies designed for cleaning granite floors, tile floors, marble floors, and wiping WC pedestals.
  •  Glass cloths: As their name suggest, glass cloths are used for wiping mirror and drinking glasses. When buying these supplies, you can look for sets made of linen tow yarns that don’t leave behind lint.

Cleaning Agents

There are different types of cleaning agents used by housekeepers in private homes, hotels, and businesses. Each cleaning agent is designed for a specific purpose. The following are some of the cleaning agents to buy wholesale:

  • Detergents: Detergents contain soaps and other organic substances in a mixture. These products come in various forms, including powders, tablets, liquid capsules, cakes, and concentrated liquids. They are used for various washing and cleaning jobs in households, institutions, and industries. These include dishwashing, hand washing, fabric softeners, laundry washing, and more.
  • Degreasers: Degreasers are used to remove grime, grease, dirt, and oil from hard surfaces. As staple supplies in commercial kitchens, degreasers can be key in cleaning ovens, grills, filthy floors, and other metal surfaces.
  • Abrasives: Abrasives can either be powders or liquids used to remove dirt from hard surfaces such as floors, sinks, kitchen surfaces, and bathroom surfaces.
  • Acid cleaning agents: Acid cleaning agents are highly concentrated solutions used for tough cleaning jobs, including rust removals, cleaning masonry, descaling mineral deposits, and tough stain removal. They work by dissolving mineral deposits and ingrained grime.
  • Bleaches: Bleaches such as chlorine bleach can be used to disinfect and sanitize laundry and surfaces around a facility. These products are effective in killing germs and can help tackle mold and limescale.

Cleaning Equipment

Cleaning equipment can either be manual or mechanical. The following are some of the top equipment products for your janitorial needs:

  • Brushes: There are myriads of brushes used to remove superficial or ingrained grimes. These include hand brushes, feather brushes, flue brushes, toilet brushes, scrubbing brushes, hard floor brushes, soft brushes, and more.
  • Brooms: Brooms are ideal for cleaning hard surfaces for quick dust-up of dirt and hairs. Some of the types of brooms to buy include standard brooms, corn brooms, push brooms, angle brooms, rubber brooms, and water brooms.
  • Vacuum cleaners: A vacuum cleaner is a popular mechanical cleaning machine. It is ideal for cleaning several types of floors and upholstery.
  • Floor scrubbers: These are valuable cleaning machines to have on hand. They perform various jobs, including washing, scrubbing, and drying tiles, carpets, hard floors, industrial floors, safety mats, and more.
  • Mops: Mops can either be dry or wet mops. Dry mops remove dust from floors, walls, and ceilings. Wet mops are used with buckets to remove dirt from the floor surfaces.
  • Containers: Janitorial containers are used to carry, transport, and store items of use and collect waste. There are several types of cleaning containers, including buckets, dustpans, dustbins, spray bottles, hand caddies, and more.

Buy Your Wholesale Janitorial Supplies Today

Your choice of the best wholesale janitorial supplies can make a difference in your hotel, school, or business. The right supplies may improve overall cleaning effectiveness and efficiency. Take advantage of wholesale prices to stock your janitorial supplies today.