Due to the drastic changes and different areas of specialization in legal matters, a criminal lawyer is an attorney that defends clients on issues involving various areas of the law. They could help clients handle accident cases, assaults, and fraud accusations. But still, to become a criminal lawyer and serve with an established firm or organization such as the Medlin Law Firm, some of the requirements you should meet include the following.

The Academic Pathway for Becoming a Criminal Lawyer

Becoming a reliable and experienced criminal lawyer starts with getting an undergraduate degree from a four-year university or college. And based on the specialty you want to serve, you could decide to take an undergraduate degree course teaching all areas or a specific area of the law. In addition to the law degree, your academic qualification as a criminal lawyer also includes studying particular subjects such as public speaking, sociology, history, and economics.

Still, law school admissions are selective, so as an applicant, you should complete a well-curated undergraduate program with high grades and areas with a high possibility for clients. For instance, you could decide to specialize in misdemeanors, felonies, or specific areas such as family law. Next, after earning your degree, you also apply and attend your state’s relevant and accredited Bar Association to sit for their examination and study the extra knowledge required to start your career.

The Journey Through Law School

Once you enroll in law school, you complete a three-year program that combines core courses and specialized courses in criminal law. The program also entails studying practical experience through internships and volunteer work. At the same time, you also research and write about criminal law, find evidence, and establish strategies and ethics regarding criminal law.

Plus, the programs also require you as a law student to fulfill writings about general lawyer professionalism. And upon completion, you receive a Juris Doctor certification that allows you to take state bar exams before stepping into the lawyer business.

Continuing With Your Education and Attaining Licensure

After sitting for bar exams and receiving your Juris Doctor certification, you begin practicing after getting your examination results as a pass. Then, you get admission from your relevant state agencies to start serving clients. 

And depending on your state regulations regarding junior lawyers, you sometimes need to work for a year in some states. Next, you pass a character evaluation exercise that helps officials test your background and ability to serve clients.

Moreover, you could also need to meet extra demands regarding your state requirements to stay updated on the legal field’s developments and changes. And if this happens, you then take an additional bar state association examination and character evaluation from a recognized national law school or online.

Undergoing and Getting Training Recommendations

After passing the bar exams and the character evaluation, you also take clinical programs and training through internships and volunteer work sessions.

With the clinical programs, you learn and explore the different cases and requirements for legal clinics teaching you the best strategies to provide legal advice to clients.

During this time, you learn directly from experienced professors dependable in teaching you the possible best ways to deal with cases without hassles. Or, you could undergo a training clinic from a law firm, sit for mock trial competitions and sometimes involve in writing for a school’s law journal.

The Skills You Need to Become a Criminal Lawyer

In addition to the above academic qualifications, you also need the following skills to become a criminal attorney.

Research and Analytic Skills

Part of becoming a recognized and highly experienced criminal lawyer demands your knowledge to carry out extensive research and stay updated about everything involving the law. And this research entails reading books and doing background research about different cases. At the same time, the research includes your ability to analyze details, infer contexts from witnesses and clients and ascertain information from a legal perspective.


Negotiation or persuasion comes in handy as a reliable lawyer characteristic so you can negotiate for your clients regardless of the severity of their criminal offenses.   This way, you’ll be involved in agreeing with other lawyers on behalf of your clients or even persuade judges to reduce your clients’ fines and jail terms.

Determination and Integrity

The determination to win cases is part of the priority features most people look into criminal lawyers. So, to attract many clients, you need determination. Also, your integrity plays a crucial role in your commitment to offering reliable services.