While using a dental software program for their dental practices, many dental professionals feel confused about choosing between a free trial and a free demo. You have to be very careful about it because your choice will impact your customer experience and sales of your dental services. This blog discusses both pros and cons of free trials and demonstrations and which option suits well in specific conditions.

What Is a Free Trial?

You can download the form of software as a free trial version. It will remain active for a specific period, either partly or wholly. After the trial period is over, you will receive a request from the software developer to buy the license or pay for obtaining a full version.

You can use some of the software’s basic tools with a free trial. However, to use its advanced features, you will be required to purchase it or make a subscription.

The benefits of a free trial are as follows.

  • You can use the basic features of the software before making the purchase.
  • You can access the software whenever you wish.
  • It is a perfect choice if you have a deep understanding of the product.
  • A free trial also allows a mass installation, which targets a much larger audience.

Free trials have some disadvantages, too.

  • First of all, you cannot access the full version.
  • You will have limited or almost negligible support to make the most use of the product.
  • There is a chance to misunderstand the whole product.
  • You will find it challenging to be aware of all the features and benefits of the software.

What Is a Free Demonstration?

In the case of a demonstration, on the other hand, someone with adequate knowledge and experience in the software will help you learn how to make the most use of the software.

A demonstration is mainly done via a webinar, an online demonstration, or a virtual video tour. It involves first-hand ‘show and tell’ training and information on product optimization and best practices.

Take a look at the benefits of a free demonstration.

  • You can get an overall view of the product benefits.
  • The expert will explain all the product features in great detail.
  • You can learn how the software can serve your dental purposes.
  • You will always have the opportunity to ask questions.
  • You will get a view of the entire product.
  • It involves easy learning.

However, a free demonstration has some drawbacks, too.

  • It does not apply to simple software.
  • Software issues may develop when a demonstration is on.
  • Here also, there is a chance of misunderstanding the product.

Demos Are More Useful Compared to Trials

When compared to trials, demonstrations prove more useful.

If you prefer more visual or hands-on learning, it is better to request the dental software developer a free demonstration. It will help you learn all the software’s key features and tools. A demo will naturally make you interested in using the software.

A free demonstration will also help you clear your concerns and doubts regarding using the software. Whatever questions you have, ask the expert without any hesitation, and they will explain everything in so much detail.

On the other hand, in the case of a free trial, you will never get the chance of learning things from a top expert with experience and knowledge in the software. Thus, many things may remain unclear to you.