With multiple MRT lines and public bus routes, it is no wonder Serangoon is popular amongst house hunters. From individuals to big families, everyone is keen on finding a home in this location. Not only does it have great public transportation services, but Serangoon also has several primary, secondary, and tertiary schools. 

This makes it the perfect place for families.


Since Serangoon is populated by many families, you may have been wondering about what you can do when it comes to childcare. Of course, sending your little ones to preschool is at the top of the list. You might want to consider Little Oxford Schoolhouse. With the aim to develop a love for learning and ensure retention from early years through kindergarten, Little Oxford Schoolhouse is one of the top preschools in Serangoon.

So what other things can you do when it is out of school time? Here are some activities that can be participated in by all family members.

1.Take your kids exercising

Exercising is very important not only for adults but also for growing children. After picking up your kids from Little Oxford Schoolhouse, take a short walk to Serangoon Sunshine Park. This spacious park is suitable for families with children. From the playground to the workout corner, this place is suitable for all age groups. Surrounded by trees, this shaded area is perfect for exercise for all age groups especially since it is equipped with numerous exercise machines.

2.Explore your creativity

One might assume they are zero when it comes to being creative. As a matter of fact, everyone is creative in their own way. Art Speaks Studio can be a great place to bring your family and try out different types of art. Take this opportunity to explore your creativity, and who knows, you might discover a hidden talent!

3.Hang out with your fur-babies

A walk around an open-air park may be a great way for you to spend your time with your pets, but consider visiting some pet-friendly cafes. The journey to Sun Ray Cafe is a bit far but it is still within the Serangoon area. Not only does it allow pets on the premise, but this cafe also offers a selection of pet-friendly menus. Wind down with great foods without forgetting your four-legged company.

4.Do some shopping

Looking for things to buy for your home? NEX Shopping Mall is the best place to get whatever you need. From everything children-related to house equipment, you can find it all here with great deals. It can get crowded here sometimes, but it is worth the hassle for the variety of things you can find at this one-stop centre.

These are just a few activities you can do with your little ones in Serangoon. Childcare does not have to be hard, especially when you live in Serangoon. Education does not necessarily need to be confined to a classroom, it can come in many forms. Take this as a sign for you to explore the endless possibilities.