As renowned actors, directors, and production houses switch to OTT platforms, the demand for quality content is evident. But, there are some key features that we must consider while choosing an OTT platform. Here, we discuss 5 key factors to remember while selecting one.

DRM Encryption

The primary requirement of any OTT service provider is to safeguard itself against potential security threats. In order to achieve high standards of security, the platform should have a multi-level firewall and security. 

Every OTT platform runs on content, and keeping their content safe from piracy is an important priority. To begin with, OTT service providers must have integrated DRM Encryption or Digital Rights Management to safeguard their content. Here, the data is transferred to the authorised audience in encrypted form, keeping it safe from theft.

Dynamic Watermarking

Watermarking helps OTT online media player ensure that their content is not getting replicated elsewhere. Simply put, watermarking is the process that embeds a one-of-its-kind mark that identifies the customer. If the OTT team finds the content streaming on a pirated content platform, they will extract the watermark to identify the source of violation. That way, the OTT providers ensure that the same content is not streaming or copied elsewhere.

Video CDN

CDN or Content Delivery Network is the backbone of any OTT platform. With various OTT platforms operating the global arena, a good CDN speeds up the website, content loading speed. It is available all over the globe and provides end users with fast loading websites. Video CDN does this efficiently with the help of remote services in different parts of the geographical area.

Live-streaming Features

Beside weekly shows, popular live events in sports and entertainment are popular among the OTT audience. Secure Video Streaming requires stable connection, good visual and audio quality, and Live audience interactivity to keep users hooked to the platform. 

Online Video Player

There are numerous good APIs through which developers are constantly improving the secure video player of an OTT platform. Developers can nowadays create customizable online video players. On the user’s end, you choose to add logos and texts or view video descriptions, subtitles, change video bitrate etc.

Video API

Apart from the features mentioned above, API is another critical aspect of any OTT service provider. API or Application Program Interface is a tool that developers use to build their applications. 

A correct API will enhance the overall output and, consequently, the user experience. Depending on the type of OTT platform, the Video API differs. Some are good for live secure streaming and others for playing videos smoothly from the server. 

Video Analytics

Analysing user data from any campaign is key to the success of any organisation. For OTT platforms, video analytics are among their key growth metrics. The video analytics interface provides a wide range of relevant data like showing specific watch time, frequency, reach, audience, regions, etc. With this data, the OTT service providers can help identify their target population and try to make content for them. 

VOD Hosting 

VOD stands for Video On Demand. It is a service dedicated to an exclusive user base that can select any content from a library. Popular OTT service providers constantly work towards gaining exclusive rights to more and more video content. As a result, a growing number of users subscribe to their platform. 

Keeping the service intact amid increasing traffic is vital. Furthermore, availability and ease of playback of any content ensure consumers have a pleasant experience. 

Quality of Content Delivery

As we rapidly switch to OTT platforms, IP networks and CDN play a crucial role in providing uninterrupted services to consumers. The platforms try to maintain excellent quality in their protected video streaming service with content variations and a user-friendly interface, each necessary for a flawless experience. 

To Sum Up

The features mentioned above are integral to a secure OTT platform. You need to check for all of these and make your decision wisely. That way, your content consumption will remain safe and flawless.