What to look for when buy a CBD vape pen in the UK

A vape pen, as the name suggests is a pen-like portable vaping device that you can use to inhale vape oils and e-liquids. Similarly, a CBD vape pen in the UK is a vape pen that you would use specifically with CBD vape  liquids which are CBD oils that are designed for vaping. In this post, we will go into a bit more detail on the best type of CBD vape pens for CBD vape oils. But first, what is a CBD vape oil? How does it differ from a CBD e liquid? and why does it need a specific vape pen?

What is a CBD Vape Oil?

CBD vape oils are purely hemp extract with no other carrier agent or liquid mixed in. This means a CBD vape oil is much thicker in terms of consistency to a CBD e liquid and so requires a particular vaping device to vape – this is known as a CBD vape pen in the UK.

What is a CBD vape in the UK?

In the US this would be known as a cannabis vape pen, but a CBD vape pen in the UK. This purely denotes a pen-like device that is powerful enough to vape thicker oils and extracts. It is not totally unusual to see a device labelled a cannabis vape pen in the UK – this is still somewhat accurate, it’s just that all cannabis products in the UK are derived from hemp and so are CBD dominant. They must contain zero to negligible amounts of THC to be legal (hence why they come from hemp not marijuana).

Which type of CBD vape pen from the UK should you get?

There are many different CBD vape pens available in the UK to pick from so its important to have an idea of what you are looking for. There are a number of CBD vape pens in the UK, for example, that are not actually designed for vaping CBD vape oils as they tend to be poor quality and often disposable. These are what I would deem the cheap vape pens in the UK. It is always best not to skimp on quality especially when it comes to something like vaping. You want to spend a little more to go with something that you know is safe, has been tested and comes from a reputable brand.

Also, for the sake of the environment, get a vape pen that you can reuse. If you are undecided whether you want to go with CBD vape oils or CBD e liquids, and that’s the reason you go disposable. Pick a CBD vape pen in the UK that has variable voltage so that you can switch between both types of CBD cartridges.

To summarise the key things to look for when buying yourself a CBD vape pen in the UK:

  • Adjustable voltage settings: this allow you to control the temperature depending upon the kind of CBD vape liquid you’re using (a thinner cbd e liquid vs. thicker cbd vape oil)
  • Pre-heat feature: a key feature when vaping CBD vape oils, this lets you pre-heat the cold oil right so that it warms up before you vape.
  • Reusability: this is both good for the environment and, whilst being a bit more at first, will actually end up being more economical long term as you will only have to replace the vape cartridges not the device each time.
  • Universal 510 thread battery: this is the most popular type of device making it the most compatible with the vape cartridges for sale in the UK
  • Light weight, slick and stylish: this is going to be something you carry about with you most of the time so don’t go with something that looks cheap. It’s most likely that that will only reflect the quality of the hardware.

Hope this helps!