A touch of THC tincture is an impeccable addition to your recipes to enjoy its many health benefits. So, try these ten THC-infused drinks that promise excellent bodily benefits while adding fun to your favorite beverages.

1. THC Protein Smoothie 

A cannainoid addition to your smoothie can make it all the more delicious and healthy. So twist up your protein shake with a THC infusion for the best benefits. 

What You Need

1 cup almond milk 

1/2 cup sliced banana

2 cups spinach 

1 tablespoon protein powder 

1 tablespoon almond butter 

1 tablespoon THC-infused honey 

1 tablespoon almonds, grated

How To Prepare

1. Add all ingredients to a blender and create a smoothie. 

2. Garnish with grated almonds to serve. 

2. THC Hot Chocolate 

Warm up your winters with this delicious THC-infused hot chocolate recipe that is a paradise for chocolate lovers. 

What You Need

3 cups whole milk 

3 tablespoons sugar 

2 cups water 

1 1/2 cups cocoa powder 

1/2 cup semisweet chocolate chips 

12 teaspoon cannabutter (THC infused)

Whipped cream

How To Prepare

1. Add cocoa powder, cannabutter, and sugar to a small bowl and stir with a spoon to create a creamy mixture. Add some water to get the perfect texture. 

2. Boil milk and add chocolate chips. Stir till it melts. 

3. Pour the milk over the cocoa mixture and mix thoroughly. 

4. Transfer to your cup and serve with whipped cream.

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3. Canna Colada 

Enrich the exotic flavors of your favorite pina colada with a touch of cannabis infusion to create this charming drink. 

What You Need

1/2 cup coconut cream 

1/4 cup pineapple juice 

1/4 cup white rum 

1/8 cup dark rum

1 tablespoon THC tincture

1/4 cup pineapple, diced 

1/2 cup ice 

How To Prepare

1. Add all the ingredients to a blender except the pineapple slices and juice. 

2. Garnish with fresh pineapple slices and serve. 

4. THC Rum Cider 

Light up this fall with the fantastic flavors of cider embedded with the goodness of THC. 

What You Need

5 cups apple or pear cider 

1/2 teaspoon powdered sugar 

2 tablespoon THC tincture

1 cup rum 

2 cinnamon sticks 

1/8 teaspoon cloves 

How To Prepare

1. Add rum and cloves to a saucepan and bring to boil. 

2. Strain and pour into a large bowl and add the cider, tincture, and powdered sugar. 

3. Pour into small glasses and serve with a stick of cinnamon. 

5. THC Berry Explosion 

A mixture of fresh berries and THC in this drool-worthy drink is the perfect dose of antioxidants you need daily.   

What You Need

1 cup blueberries 

1 cup raspberries 

1 cup strawberries 

1/4 cup orange juice 

1/4 cup lemon juice 

1/2 cup grape juice 

1 teaspoon THC honey 

How To Prepare

1. Add all the ingredients to a blender to blend into a tasty juice 

2. Adjust the consistency with some ice if required and serve.

6. THC Espresso Shots

This lovely drink’s massive dose of caffeine and THC can be the perfect balance of relaxing and energizing. 

What You Need

1/8 cup coffee liqueur

1 tablespoon sugar 

1 tablespoon THC tincture

3 shots of espresso 

1/4 cup creamer 

1/2 tablespoon cocoa powder  

1/4 cup whiskey 

Whipped cream

How To Prepare

1. Mix the espresso, coffee liqueur, and whiskey in a large bowl. 

2. Add cocoa powder, sugar, and tincture to another bowl and mix thoroughly. 

3. Heat the creamer and add the mixture from the previous steps. 

4. Pour the drink into a large glass and garnish with whipped cream to serve. 

7. Summer THC lemonade 

The tangy sweetness of this THC lemonade is the perfect way to enjoy the onset of the summer season. 

What You Need

5 cups water 

1 cup powdered sugar 

1 cup lemon juice 

2 tablespoon THC tincture 

Mint sprigs

How To Prepare

1. Add the lemon juice and tincture to a punch bowl and pour cold water. 

2. Add sugar to taste and stir thoroughly. Serve with mint sprigs. 

8. THC Turmeric Milk 

Try this elegant golden milk recipe brimming with the remarkable properties of THC. 

What You Need

1 cup milk 

1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder 

1/2 tablespoon THC tincture 

1/4 teaspoon black pepper 

How To Prepare

1. Boil milk and add turmeric and pepper. 

2. Remove from heat and mix tincture before pouring into glasses to serve. 

9. THC Fruit Slushie 

Skip mixing drinks and try this freezing slushie recipe with THC to energize your summer parties.

What You Need

1/2 cup light rum 

1/4 cup vodka 

2 cups ice cubes 

1 cup frozen lemonade 

4 cups frozen strawberries 

1 teaspoon THC-infused honey

How To Prepare

1. Add the frozen strawberries to a blender along with rum, vodka, lemonade, and honey, and blend. 

2. Add ice and blend again until smooth. 

3. Serve with a garnish of frozen fruits. 

10. Watermelon THC Spirit 

When the temperature rises, beat the heat with the refreshing feeling of enjoying cucumber, watermelon, and THC. 

What You Need

1 cup watermelon, cubed 

1/2 cup cucumber juice 

1/2 tablespoon lime juice 

2 tablespoon sugar 

1 tablespoon THC tincture 

2 cups of club soda

Mint Sprigs  

How To Prepare

1. Muddle watermelon and mint, and add cucumber and lime juice. 

2. Add sugar and tincture and mix thoroughly. 

3. Pour into glasses and top with soda to serve. 


Try these delicious THC-infused beverages that can promise impeccable benefits to your body apart from adding a charming kick to them.