What You Should Know Before Taking Your Kids To A Movie Grill

It’s a Friday night and you’ve decided to go out for the evening with your family. After a quick discussion, you decide that dinner at an outdoor restaurant will be fun. That is until you get there and realize it has a “children’s menu” and your three-year-old starts screaming because he can’t have the cheeseburger off the adult menu.

In an effort to avoid such a scenario, you decide to go to a restaurant with a movie theatre inside. You think it’s perfect because your kids can watch their movies while you enjoy yours! What could be better?

It sounds like the perfect solution until you get there and find that the volume is so loud you have to cover your ears, the seats are so close together that there’s no way you’re going to be comfortable for two hours, and the waiter keeps kicking your seat.

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“I can’t believe we let them talk us into this!” you complain. “Let’s just go home.” And this is when it hits you, you are the only one trying to leave. Your friends and family all seem like they’re having a great time, barely noticing these basic movie theatre etiquette rules.

Are you wondering why you should even care about whether or not someone kicks your seat? Or how close everyone is sitting? The answer is simple: it’s about respect. When we go to movie theatres or any other public place, we should respect the other patrons.

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Unfortunately, you’re about to learn that the younger generation just doesn’t seem very interested in learning these rules of respect at movie theatres:

1. Be considerate of others when it comes to picking seats. Sit with your own group and stay within the boundaries of your own seat. Keep others in mind who may need to sit next to someone or have room for a wheelchair.

2. When talking, keep the volume at a level where only those seated within your group can hear you clearly. If everyone is speaking loudly, we know you’re trying to be heard by everyone and likely not speaking to your group.

3. No matter how interesting the movie is, no one wants to hear you crunching your popcorn or slurping your soda for two hours of solid viewing time. Try sipping it slowly and if that doesn’t work, we also understand that sometimes you are just thirsty! Try bringing a water bottle into the theatre with you; you just might find that it’s the best way to keep yourself hydrated while enjoying your movie.

4. If you need to get up and leave during a movie, please do so quietly after checking with those around you first. You never know what could be going on for someone else (a medical emergency, perhaps) so please don’t assume it’s okay to leave and potentially bother others.

5. Please don’t bring food or drinks into the theatre from another location unless you have checked with management first. Many movie theatres don’t allow outside food and drink for specific reasons (some may be concerned about cost, for example). In order to inform customers beforehand, they make a blanket rule against outside food. In these cases, they are simply trying to maintain the comfort of their customers and don’t want people eating in their theatre from anywhere other than where they serve it themselves.