The tracksuit has long ceased to be clothing intended only for sports. Now, in it, you can safely go outside, take a walk with the dog, run to the store. Therefore, it is women who take the choice of a tracksuit very seriously. In this regard, today we will talk about what you need to consider before buying a tracksuit .

Color and material 

Currently, sports suits are made of two materials – polyester or lycra. Sometimes a little cotton is added. By the way, it is better not to take a suit made entirely of cotton, because in six months you will have to buy a new one. And when it gets wet, it becomes heavy. 

Inexpensive suits are sewn from other materials – acrylic, microfiber or nylon. They have their advantages – they are more durable and repel moisture well. 

The color of the tracksuit can be any and here you are free to choose yourself. The main thing to remember is that it should not be painted. This is important because your body sweats while playing sports and if the suit is bright and fades, expect a surprise. But in general, you can get either pink or gold.

Men’s tracksuits are usually in more traditional colors – gray, black, green, blue. But if you want something bright, do not forget about the above. 

The sizes of sports one piece bodysuit forever 21, both for women and men, are also important. It is better if the clothing for sports is a little loose than small. Of course, this does not apply to gymnastics and other sports that require tight clothing. 

Primary requirements

  1. Choose sports clothing that is comfortable and pleasant to the body. 
  2. Give preference to natural fabrics to keep your body breathing.
  3. Do not buy a suit if it has a lot of locks, fasteners, etc. You can hurt yourself.
  4. If your clothes are meant for outdoor sports or for an evening run, then it is better to buy a women’s tracksuit with reflective inserts. 
  5. Choose a tracksuit for winter from breathable, but warm, materials. 

In addition, it is important for women that the suit is not only comfortable, but also fashionable. Better yet, beautiful. By the way, tracksuits of large sizes can also be beautiful, and this does not mean that you need to wear “just about anything”.

Women’s tracksuits have been in great demand lately. Some people buy this type of clothing for sports, others flaunt in a jersey that emphasizes the figure, when walking or at home. Of course, online stores offer a wide selection of fashionable women’s tracksuits, but we will tell you about the Laura model with a sweatshirt and trousers, which has won the sympathy of many of our customers.

Everything you need to know when choosing a suit

Before you buy sportswear, you need to consider the area of ​​application or sport. This model is suitable both for fitness, since it is made of breathable material, and for outdoor activities, since the footer is the most comfortable material for women’s sports suits. The latest design developments and modern materials allow things to keep an attractive look even after repeated washings.

When buying clothing for sports, you should build on the characteristics of the physique. Suit “Laura” will be a win-win option for both slender women and ladies with curvaceous shapes: straight-cut track pants in dark shades and top with contrasting inserts will emphasize the graceful silhouette and visually emphasize the dignity of the figure.

Clothing for sports should not only emphasize the advantages of appearance, but at the same time not constrain movement. Therefore, fashion experts advise buying sports suits that are comfortable in size. Even without knowing your parameters, it is easy to calculate them by making the necessary measurements of the volume of the chest, waist, hips, sleeve length, legs and height. Then you should compare the indicators with the size table and choose the appropriate option.

Fashion and sports today are two sides of the same coin

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