Maybe, you are aware of the thought that the carnation is a male flower, which is related to strength and courage. In addition, the flower, especially, the red one, is considered a symbol of victory. However, you can purchase fresh carnations in bulk in different colors and for various occasions as modern floristry represents a huge number of interesting and diverse varieties.

Carnation flowers in bulk: The story and symbolism of the flower

In Europe, carnation appeared in the XIII century. Since the XVI century, the flower has become one of the most revered in France as it personified power. Today, thanks to the emergence of new interesting varieties, flowers are increasingly becoming part of festive floral compositions.

However, some time ago, carnations were often used as mourning flowers, and many people think about them with this connotation only. Still, florists believe that these flowers can become an inspiring symbol of love and self-sacrifice.

For example, carnation wholesale is presented in the FiftyFlowers online store, which has collected more than ten original and beautiful varieties that are ideal for creating a chic solemn bouquet.

Before searching for bulk carnations, it is recommended to get familiarized with the meaning of each flower color. Then, you will be able to create the perfect composition that will deliver the message you wish to share. For instance:

·         The red flowers are associated with passionate love and family feelings.

·         Pink carnation is a symbol of fidelity and care, and it is also related to dreams and their realization.

·         White carnations symbolize sincere feelings, love, and innocence.

·         Yellow flowers are related to denial.

Recently, different multi-colored varieties have appeared, which are creative, unique, and original. You can also find mixed unusual specimens with various borders or multi-colored cores. Therefore, carnation flowers in bulk provide the perfect opportunity to make unique compositions for any event and person.

Why order bulk carnations online?

The FiftyFlowers store provides its customers with a convenient catalog where a huge variety of carnations is presented. The prices are affordable, so you will be able to choose the option that suits you most. Delivery of any flowers is possible. Trusted transport companies carry out transportation in specialized packaging so that you receive fresh flowers for sale.

These flowers can retain their attractive appearance for a long time if the care is proper. Thus, is it better to follow a few tips to store your flowers fresh as long as you can:

·         Do not place your flowers in a sunny place and do not expose them to cigarette smoke or street gases.

·         Before putting them in a vase, cut the stems a bit.

·         Regularly change the water that should be warm. Never just add water because it cannot stop the growth of bacteria and only contributes to the short life of the flower.

Do not hesitate to purchase carnations for an important event or for people you love. Experienced florists can create an astonishing composition that will take your breath away and will give positive emotions to everyone.