When you’re shopping for toys in Singapore, you might be surprised at the number of very similar options that seem to be available everywhere. This can make it difficult to find unique baby toys that your baby will love and remember later on in life. However, there are plenty of places you can go and things you can do to find those unique kid toys that will make your child happy and open up new opportunities. This article will walk you through five ways to find unique toys so that you can spend less time shopping and more time enjoying the time with your baby!

Online Marketplace

Visit an online marketplace, such as Mothercare online store, and search for unique toys for your baby. With such a wide range of selections available, you can easily find a toy that is both affordable and of good quality.

If you’re looking for something truly unique, be sure to read reviews before making your final decision! You may also visit another website with a wider range of items available at slightly higher prices. If all else fails, there is one online store that has thousands of listings, so there’s no chance you won’t find what you need!

Local Malls

Most malls in Singapore will have at least one toy store. If you visit during off-peak hours, you’ll often find that you can get a better deal by haggling with salespeople. The drawback of malls is that their selection is limited; if your kid loves unique and unusual baby toys, chances are they won’t be found there. Look for small specialty shops or craft markets. These are ideal places to find handmade goods or items made from natural materials like cotton and wood.

You might not always be able to negotiate a good price here (since some sellers aren’t interested in wholesale), but you can still come away with great finds. And most importantly, you might end up finding an artist whose work resonates with your child—and when he grows up, that artist could become invaluable to him. There’s no set way to score some great finds—you just need enough patience and dedication to look for those hidden gems among all those toys.


Many supermarkets in Singapore sell a wide variety of products for babies, such as toys, diapers, baby clothes, and strollers. They also provide great resources for new parents—like handy lists of items you’ll need when your bundle of joy arrives! If you require any tips or information on specific brands and goods, their customer service officers will be more than happy to help you out.

That said, if you want to get something unique that catches your eye while walking down Orchard Road (which is a must-do in Singapore!) – try your favorite stores instead! There are plenty of them scattered around the city that carries a mix of locally made and imported baby toys from other countries. Just make sure they are recommended by friends or family before hitting up their stores – nothing ruins a shopping trip like buying plastic copies of popular movie characters because someone told you so.