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Best for WordPress – If you are wondering whether Windows or Linux is the best for WordPress website, this is the right time and place to discover all that you want. Whether you are creating a new blog or migrating your previous one from another server, it is important to choose the right web hosting.

Why Should You Get Windows Hosting?

It is essential to understand the web hosting selection method. The first crucial thing to consider is definitely your budget and need, followed by your dependability on MS SQL, .NET, ASP server for the website functioning. If you do depend upon it, then we recommend you to go for Windows hosting. All your requirements will be fulfilled by Windows hosting since Linux hosting is not made for such issues. It is the major and vital reason for you to choose Windows hosting, making it best for WordPress.

Why Should You Get Linux Hosting?

If we consider Linux hosting, there are some very clear and evident reasons to choose it over windows hosting. All you need to understand are your hosting needs. See if your list of requirements involve these:

  • WordPress
  • MySQL, etc.
  • PHP

If yes, you should stick with your decision to get Linux hosting. PHP and MySQL can operate on Windows servers, but they will not be as good as a Linux server. In addition, if you want to run your own blog, you can install shopping cart software or plugins on your site that can work well with Linux hosting.

Other Factors:


In terms of security, Linux hacking is not easy at all as compared to Windows. It is very evident that window hosting has more security issues and threats; therefore, it is easy for hackers to attack window hosting. Hence, we can conclude that Linux is much safer than Windows web hosting.


While making a comparison, there is another very interesting thing between the two. Linux hosting is very affordable in comparison to Windows. Windows hosting costs 30% more than Linux hosting. Hence, if you want to go with Windows-based servers, you will have to consider paying 10 to $ 100 more per month.


We can conclude that Linux is the best for WordPress sites. Considering several aspects of Windows and Linux web hosting, you can decide very well. These aspects are cost, application, and security. You just need to review your hosting needs, decide which is the suitable option for you, and go accordingly.

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