As parents it becomes imperative to lay a strong, solid and well-rounded educational foundation for their child. A strong educational base goes a long way in every child’s learning journey and life. Nature as well as nurture play an important part in building such a foundation for the child. Hence, it is crucial to put your child in an educational environment and institution that provides him/her with a nurturing, knowledgeable and encouraging surrounding from an early age in order to let the child grow and evolve to his/her best potential.

The most well reputed and trusted Indian Nursery School in Abu Dhabi is ‘Global Indian International School’.

Among Indian nurseries in Abu Dhabi, the Global Indian International School is a leading kindergarten school with efficient, innovative models of education that promotes well-rounded growth for the kindergarten students.

The well-established Global Montessori plus Programme (GMP) is an award-winning programme which offers a blend of the reputed Montessori approach with best practices of modern Abu Dhabi preschool education. Montessori Education thrives on self-directed activity, hands on learning and collaborative play, their classrooms are beautifully crafted and designed to meet the needs of the children in a specific age range. Montessori approach focuses on experiential type of learning for the young minds. Pioneered by GIIS, this is the only international preschool curriculum of its kind. Like every parent would want, GIIS gives the pre-schoolers a strong foundation as they begin their student life. GMP is what makes GIIS one of the best Nursery/KG schools in Abu Dhabi.


Through its targeted programming as a KG1 school in Abu Dhabi, the GMP fosters development of cognitive, expressive and motor skills. It also induces a sense of social responsibility, cultural awareness and environmental consciousness – all key components of the GIIS holistic pedagogy. GMP’s compelling value proposition lies in its customisation of Maria Montessori’s world-renowned teaching methodology. By integrating the original theory with contemporary research and insights, they have infused the fundamentals of formal learning with the latest innovative learning tools, becoming one of the leading pre-KG schools in Abu Dhabi. This methodology offers unique and unprecedented growth and development opportunities for every student.

The qualified teachers have a passion for teaching and learning and are handpicked for every class. Besides various other important criteria that they look for in teachers, excellence in teaching remains foremost. Parents are also given an offer of online preschool classes in order to provide individual attention to every child’s needs. The age criteria for admission in KG 1 and KG 2 is 3 years 8 months and 4 years 8 months by 31st March of that particular academic year.

The GMP programme is a stepping stone that helps a student at the preschool for kids, make a seamless transition into Grade 1. An individualistic focus on children’s kindergarten has resulted in the students being fast and eager learners from a young age. This ensures that the students are well prepared to face newer challenges as they grow. Skills required for Grade 1 like reading, writing and numeracy are provided to students in Kindergarten 2 to ensure that the primary school curriculum is not overwhelming for students.

Activities and Events:

Apart from the academics, the school also organizes an array of events and activities all year round to provide the students with a platform to showcase their skills at the pre-KG school in Abu Dhabi. They always keep them engaged and involved in many social events like sports, arts, and services etc., which are essential in a pre-school for two-year-olds. Not only the students but the parents are also given various opportunities to engage and be a part of their child’s learning. Parent Engagement programmes allow them to have an opportunity to experience GIIS first-hand and when parents become more involved, they are more likely to take a greater interest in the happenings at the school and in their child’s academic and social development.

As one of the leading Indian nurseries in Abu Dhabi, the facilities at GIIS Campus are designed to be resource efficient and provide wellness and positive experiences to all stakeholders. A wide spectrum of spaces that ensure an International quality of campus life for students in a multicultural, diverse school environment. The campus has every equipment and space that facilitates the execution of activities and project by the students

Fee Structure:

The Global Indian International School fees structure depends upon the grade and the curriculum that a student opts for. The GIIS fees are designed to be affordable for most parents while giving them the maximum value for their money. The school fee for the academic year 2021-2022 is effective from April 1st, 2021 to March 31st, 2022. There are 3 terms per year which are applicable to all the courses.