If you love pepper jelly, you might be struggling with a way to share your enthusiasm with others. We get it, there aren’t that many opportunities to explain how unique and good pepper jelly is to your friends without making it for them to try, and getting people together to try some of yours is a little awkward.

Your best chance is to offer it as an option at an event that’s already happening, but the question is, which one? Not to worry, because pepper jelly is great for many occasions, and you’ll find it an easy option to introduce.


It may seem like pepper jelly is too nontraditional to serve at a holiday party, particularly one like Christmas or Thanksgiving, where the condiment falls outside the typical western list of acceptable dishes. However, this foodie would posit that pepper jelly dip or pepper jelly spread would make a great addition to any holiday.

The sweet flavorings add a wonderful aroma to Christmas, Easter, or Hanukkah dinners, perhaps making it a new holiday tradition for your family. With the holidays fast approaching, now’s the perfect time to share your favorite dishes with the family.


Jelly is hardly anyone’s first choice for a barbeque dip, but in our humble opinion, it certainly should be. Pepper jelly’s signature spice goes especially well with the hot and smokey foods that make barbeques great.

Spicy dips add the punch to the food at a summer barbeque, and chipotle, habanero, and especially jalapeño pepper jelly will carry that same kick and more. If your next barbeque needs a sweeter taste to complement the grilled goods, consider adding one of the many options for pepper jelly to your shopping list before the summer is over. You won’t be disappointed!

Dinner Parties

Some people think jellies and jams are not hoity-toity enough for fancy dinner parties, but those people need to taste good pepper jelly. If you’re getting people together for a more formal event, use the opportunity to share your favorite condiment along with the rest of your immaculate meal.

Poultry, fish, and even steak all go exquisitely with only the finest pepper jelly, as its texture and spice are sure to “spice” up any needy formal event. Don’t just take our word for it, though. Go and tickle your guests’ taste buds with your best dishes.


I’m sure you’re tasteful enough to request already pepper jelly be served at your own birthday party, and rightly so. Pepper jelly makes a perfect sweet substitute for pizza and cupcakes (but not cake because you’ve got to have cake on your birthday) or even just a lovely side to serve with birthday dinner.

But the best part is that, when you get your friends and family’s permission, you can also serve it on their birthdays, making them exponentially better in the process. Make sure to share our tips with them to ensure that this perfect future party comes to pass, for their sake and yours.