Choosing the correct type of window treatment is a daunting process. Window treatments do not only control light and ensure privacy but also enhance the overall décor of the space. The most common type of window treatment includes: 

  • Fabric curtains, which hang vertically from rod 
  • Blinds, which can be made to perfectly fit on your window

They both have their pros and cons. You should choose between the two by considering all the points. Dressing the window is one of the most underrated areas in the renovation and home decor, but it makes a huge difference to the overall look of the place. Window treatment can be an investment for your home and as such should be carefully considered. 

Here are some factors that will help you to choose the better window treatment out of the two.

1. Size of the Room-

The size of the room matters a lot while deciding between curtains and blinds. Curtains are decorative materials that are suspended from the top as a screen. They cover the window and can be customized in various ways. While dressing your window with curtains, you have to leave a little space from both sides of the window, as it is made a little bigger than the window so that it covers all area. On the other hand, blinds are of the same size as the window. No extra space is needed for them. Blinds are the better option if you have a small space, or even for bigger rooms, you can save a little space for other décor materials.

2. Design Style- 

Other than controlling light and providing privacy, enhancing the decor of the place is a vital task for window dressing. The look of the place is greatly impacted by the window treatment, how much light it allows, and how it matches the background. Curtains are fabric materials, which are available in a lot of shades and colour. It is the traditional way of decorating the window, and almost all the styles look common. Blinds, on the other hand, add a professional look to the place. There are many types of blinds to choose from. It is the new trend, which will make your place look different and more aesthetic. 

3. Light Control-

Some people love to live in a brighter place, while some prefer a dark place. Curtains generally have two options: the first one is you open it, and you will get all the bright light inside your house; if you close them, light is blocked but not as efficiently as blinds. Light controlling is the reason why roller blinds are better than other blinds. Once they are lifted and exposed to light, they allow maximum light. While choosing, make sure that you go for blinds that are longer and wider than the window, so they are effective in blocking light.

4. Sound Control

Sound control is the main thing people focus on, as they don’t want others to listen to their private talks. Curtains are not so effective in terms of sound control. It hardly blocks any sound even if they are closed. Blinds can be the better option when you have neighbours who are more interested in your gossips. Blinds, when closed, can significantly block sound from leaving your room or entering it. 

5. Ease of Maintenance-

Curtains are made of fabric materials, and hence get dirty very often. They look hideous when not maintained properly. For cleaning curtains, you have to remove each of them from their rod and wash them separately to avoid any other stain on them. Blinds are easy to maintain as you don’t need to remove them to clean. You can wipe them with a wet cloth or can remove dirt from them using a vacuum. 

6. Price Range-

Price is one of the deciding factors while choosing a good window treatment. Curtains require a lot of material and processing to design. Therefore, they are more expensive than blinds. Blinds are cheap but a better option to cover your window in a precise way. 

7. Installation and Replacement- 

It is easy to install curtains as well as blinds. However, for installing blinds, you might need the help of someone who can put brackets into the window frame, mount the blind and attach the mechanism in 10 to 15 minutes. Curtains require level brackets to be installed above the window, slide the panels into the rods and hang and secure the rod into the rackets, which takes about an hour or two.

8. Durability-

Blinds, once installed, do not need any attention after that. They are more durable as compared to curtains. Generally, wood or PVC is used to make blinds, which last longer. In terms of the range of window blinds, India is developing a good variety of blinds, which will suit many home designs.

Your window treatment will decide what kind of look you want to give your place. Consider all the factors while choosing between the two.