Instagram began as a social media site meant primarily for communicating with people around the globe. It was meant only to communicate via videos and pictures posted on one’s profile or story. Having begun with something so small, Instagram has now extended its use far beyond its original boundaries. It has now expanded to include use in business and shopping and also an option to buy real Instagram followers from recommended websites.

What is an Instagram shop?

An Instagram shop is a new feature added into the original Instagram application that allows users to incorporate their product catalogs with their profiles, and thereby to promote and market their products to their followers. The Instagram shop allows you to promote your products using posts, Explore tab, Stories, and the specially designed Shop tab on your profile. The shop page has everything a consumer would want to know about the product before planning purchase. 

Who can open a shopping store on Instagram and how?

All you need to do to create your own shop on Instagram is a Facebook shop. If you have that, you are good to go. Otherwise, you can easily create a Facebook shop first. Thus, anyone who wishes to, can begin a shop on Instagram in no time.

Here is how you can open a shopping store on Instagram:

  1. Optimize your profile:

Before you can begin, you need to optimize your bio. You should first update your profile to a logo of your store. If you already have a store, you need to keep the logo the same. Next, you need to add a description of your shop to your profile, which should include details of your product and also why users should choose your products. 

  1. Optimize your posts

Post as much as you can about your products. Make sure to make your posts particularly appealing and attractive with bright and clever backdrops, and with balanced lighting. Add a useful, detailed and informative description with each item. Aim to get the maximum Instagram likes.

  1. Turn your Instagram shoppable

There are a few platforms from where you can make your Instagram shoppable. 

  • Soldsie: you could register with Soldsie. Then, anyone who wishes to purchase your goods would only need to leave a comment after which the product will automatically be added to their cart. 
  • Have2Have it: this application will allow you to add links to your posts. These links will lead the users to the shoppable page from where they can buy the product. The page will be just like your profile and will make the shopping experience seamless. 

Benefits of opening a shopping store on Instagram

  1. Makes the shopping experience easier for the shoppers 

An Instagram shop will remove friction with the consumer. It makes browsing much easier for the potential shoppers. With just a tap, the shoppers can be guided to your product page with ease and efficiency. 

  1. You can use an Instagram shop store to market your products directly

Instagram is a close-knit community where you can access your audience easily. In attempting to promote your product without an Instagram store, you would need to point the buyers to the link on your profile, with a high likelihood that the buyers will not take out time to do it. With an Instagram store, you can easily integrate your Instagram content with your store. As simple as tagging a person is in a post, tagging a link is no different. With ease and quickness, you can get a large audience for your store products.

  1. You can get your posts in the Shopping Explore Tab

This is a great benefit of using an Instagram shop because Instagram users using the Shopping Explore Tab intend to purchase products. By using hashtags and other such techniques and thereby increasing engagement, you can make your products appear in the Shopping Explore Tab and from there onward, you can expect high purchases! Therefore, using an Instagram shop, you can access an audience who intend to purchase and if they come across your product, it is highly likely that they will buy.

Therefore, the Instagram shop feature is an excellent addition that can prove quite beneficial for the users. Instagram is now not only a social media platform for communicating, it is a place to sell and buy as well!