When you take a look at the rare book collectors based in the United Kingdom, you will figure out that Shapero is holding a prominent place. People who are interested in buying rare books will be able to get in touch with Shapero. On the other hand, Shapero is offering services for the people who are keen to sell their rare books as well.  Any person who wants to get a probate valuation or an insurance for a rare book will be able to get in touch with Shapero as well.

You can call Shapero as an internationally recognized dealer that offers rare books for the people. Apart from rare books, you will also be able to discover how Shapero is dealing with numerous antiquarian books as well.  

The team behind Shapero

Shapero is made out of a team of rare and antiquarian book specialists. They are contributing a lot towards the progression of the rare book dealership. When you take a look at the specialist who are responsible for keeping Shapero up and running, you will figure out that they have a collective experience for more than 250 years in the book world. This experience is contributing heavily towards the success that Shapero is capable of achieving.  

The experts at Shapero are highly exposed to fine illustrated books that were published in between 15th Century and 20th Century. They belong to numerous genres, such as literature, natural history, travel and voyages, guidebooks and children’s books.

The location of Shapero and gallery

Shapero is located in Mayfair. In fact, the location is a town house that belongs to the 18th century. This is the best place around London to have a rare book store. At this location, you will be able to find a complete gallery of rare books managed by the team of specialists.

The rare book gallery at Shapero is one of the most popular tourist attractions that you can find in the area as well. When you walk into the gallery of Shapero, you will get the opportunity to explore rare books, historical prints, contemporary art, watercolors and many other valuable and related items for display. This gallery was set up back in the year 2014. Along with time, new collectibles were introduced into the gallery. The gallery is currently conducting numerous shows throughout the year. These shows belong to different themes and all of them are based upon the items that are available at here.

At Shapero gallery, you will also be able to discover art and historical prints that belong to a variety of subjects. Some of the subjects include natural history and antique architecture. On top of that, you can find a decent collection of vintage photographs in here as well.

Any person who wants to explore this gallery will be able to do it within the heart of Mayfair. In fact, you should be visiting the Saint George Street to access the gallery.

The bookshop of Shapero

If you are into collecting books or trading the rare books that you have under your possession, you should be taking a look at the bookshop of Shapero. This is one of the most comprehensive bookshops available for the people to get their hands on rare books. In fact, any person who is looking forward to start working as a rare book collector will be able to take a look at what is offered by Shapero. You will be impressed with the overall experience that the team can offer with their collection.

It is possible for you to purchase the rare books sold by Shapero online. Hence, there is no need to visit the bookshop that is located in Mayfair. Shapero is using reliable shipping methods to deliver the books that you order to your home in their pristine condition. If you are from mainland UK, you can expect to receive the book on the next day of ordering. No matter what, you will be provided with a tracking number with the delivery and you can use that to track your order at any given time.

The online store at Shapero is perfectly created to ensure the betterment of any rare book collector. Hence, you will find it as an easy task to go through the online store and purchase the books that you are interested in getting to your collection.

If you have any rare or valuable books for trading, you can also think about getting the assistance of Shapero. You can sell those books to the experts at Shapero and get the amount that you deserve. Hence, Shapero can be considered as one of the best online platforms available for all the rare book collectors to take a look at.

Fairs and events

Shapero is taking part in numerous fairs and events that are taking place around the world. In fact, you can find them exhibiting in some of the most popular international art fairs. TEFAF is one of the most prominent art fairs out of them. On the other hand, Shapero is featuring in the events that are being organized all around the world, including cities such as New York, Hong Kong, San Francisco, Los Angeles, London and Paris.

If you are a rare book collector, Shapero is a website that you should visit. You will be impressed with the collection of rare books that they offer. On top of that, you can also think about visiting the gallery and bookshop available in Mayfair to get a unique experience.