Aging is a rewarding experience, but it’s often more comfortable with the support and care of others. As people get older, their physical and mental health starts to deteriorate. Some elders may also develop loneliness since they begin to lose touch with their children who have moved away or have lost their friends. Find out more about residential aged care check out Melbourne Aged Care Group

When they can no longer live alone comfortably, you might have to find a way to help them. If you’re faced with the decision to move your parent or loved one into a residential aged care facility, choosing the perfect environment is a priority.

Smaller feels more like home

The majority of aging adults look forward to retirement living and the chance to have an independent lifestyle. The reality is that by the time they retire, most people will spend a lot more time in their homes than they ever did while they were working. That can be a big problem if you’re living in a home that no longer works for you. As a result, it’s critical to select a facility that makes our loved ones feel at ease.

According to reports, 200,000 Australians live or stay in residential aged care facilities in 2018, which equates to an average of 75 beds per facility. This expansion has made nursing homes feel less like homes and more like medical institutions.

Living in a smaller unit and being involved in the running of the facility improves the residents’ quality of life. Many aged care residents, including those with dementia, benefit from care models that allow them to lead an active social lifestyle, such as participating in community activities both inside and outside of the facility, according to research.

Characteristics of home-like aged care

Choosing the best residential aged care facility for your loved one can be challenging at first. But identifying what would feel most home-like to them will help make the search a lot easier.

The physical design of the aged care facility may also be a factor to consider because its size, ambiance, and architecture may have an impact on their well-being. There are plenty of options when choosing retirement villages Gold Coast and Australia have to choose from. However, here are some common characteristics of home-like aged care facilities to keep in mind:

  • More welcoming and caring environment
  • Flexibility in support of daily tasks such as waking up and preparing for the day
  • Engaging activities that help build relationships and active lifestyle
  • Freedom to enjoy the outdoors
  • Comfort in smaller living units with at least 15 residents
  • Capable staff for continuity of care and development of relationships between staff and residents 

Smaller Provides Better Healthcare

In aged care, there is a greater risk of exposure because people have multiple conditions, and the older you get, the higher the risk of infection. It is important to find an aged care home that provides the safest healthcare facility.

Smaller aged care homes have been proven to reduce stress and infections, and provide better healthcare. Fewer infections mean a lower risk of disease which allows patients to enjoy improved social interaction with a higher quality of life.


Ultimately, choosing the right residential aged care is one of the biggest decisions you will ever have to make for your loved ones. It is made even more complicated when you add in the extra considerations that come with caring for a loved one at home. 

It’s important to take the time to consider all of the options available to find one that is the best fit for them. Putting together a shortlist of facilities and then narrowing down the top options from there will help you make the right choices and put yourself in a better position to make that final decision.