child's bedroom

We all agree that making our children safe and healthy is one of our most heavily scrutinized as parents. We also know that it isn’t always easy, which is why we’re here to help. Our baby fitted sheets and children’s linens are made entirely of organic cotton. Many of you are unable to stroll through our store aisles and assess the quality for yourself. Simply touching a sheet in a store does not promise its long-term softness in your child’s bedroom or nursery. Discover why all of our children’s sheets are now organic and learn about the thought that goes into sourcing the threads for all of our 100 percent cotton sheets. They’re better for both your children and the environment.

Organic cotton is more absorbent

No synthetic polymers are ever used in our sheets. And what’s the significance of this? To beginning with (warning: this is a bit nasty), children are sweating tiny creatures.

Organic cotton breathes, allowing sweat from kids to evaporate through the sheet and helping young bodies in maintaining a more consistent temperature throughout the night. As a result, your child will be warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Sheets produced of organic cotton are likewise free of synthetic chemicals.

Polyester, on the other hand, absorbs all of that sweaty grossness, making kids overheat (and making the sheets pretty icky).

Cotton that is made locally is organically soft

Cotton is unmatched in terms of long-term bedding quality for your children. It will just get softer as time goes on.

Sheets come in contact with your child’s skin for over a third of the day, and you want them to be comfortable and safe while they sleep. Organic sheets are particularly good for children with skin allergies because they are clear of the hazardous, irritating chemicals that cause reactions in the past. They can also help kids with asthma breathe easier at night when paired with an organic mattress and pillow.

When synthetics are bought, they are usually considered with a finishing procedure called peaching, which made them look soft. Also because peaching process breaks down the fibres, the peached finish will wear away over time with frequent washing, and the fibres will no longer hold up.

Organic cotton is a long-lasting cloth

Cotton is a natural fabric that is highly long-lasting. It washes nicely and retains its softness after each wash.

We simply offer the finest, non-pilling fibres. This is crucial since child’s bedding must be laundered regularly.

We’re sure you’ll find that our organic bedding surpasses regular cotton. That’s because we’re confident it’s of higher quality. When our cotton isn’t treated with harsh chemicals, it’s stronger and more durable when it’s converted into fabric.

It’s crucial that our goods endure all of the washing that occurs with dirty diapers, potty training, and the aforementioned sweat. Plus, given kids use bedding to build forts and all types of abodes, it should last longer than adult bedding.

In contrast to other agricultural goods, cotton production requires substantial number of pesticides, insecticides, and herbicides.

Cloth chemicals can be harmful to the environment because they soak into the soil and contaminate water. Keep in mind that the United States is one of the world’s largest cotton producers, thus this has an impact on our country as well as many others across the world.

People working in cotton fields are also at risk from these poisons, as they come into close contact with them and may suffer health problems as a result.

When you choose organic cotton bedding, you’re choosing cotton that was produced without the use of toxic substances that harm the environment. It also signifies that the cotton was not grown on GMO plants. Your kid’s bed should be a cozy oasis, and we believe keeping it chemical free makes it all the better. For more, visit QforQuinn for organic kids underwear.