Schools in Pune

The wonderful city of Pune in Maharashtra is known as an Education and IT hub. Pune is also called, The Queen of the Deccan and The Oxford of The East because of the maximum number of fine educational and research institutes. 

Pune has grown immensely, be it quality education, great job opportunities, modern lifestyle, amazing atmosphere, etc…

So Why not Pune for education? When it has all the things a student can ask for?

Let’s look at some of the best reasons to join schools in Pune:-

Galore of Options

From Kindergarten to Higher education,  Whether you want to pursue Engineering, Arts, Media, or Entertainment; Pune has got it all. There are deemed public and private institutions for higher education that are extremely popular among Indian as well as international students. There is no dearth of educational options in the city. 


The cost of education in Pune CBSE School is extremely affordable as compared to other institutions without compromising on quality and it is the main reason that attracts many students as they do not have to spend huge amounts or have to take any educational loans for their academic pursuits. 

Different Curriculum

Most international schools in Pune offer various curriculums; some of the popular curricula are still CBSE, IGCSE, IB, etc.

Best features of a Pune CBSE School

Bilingual Language

Most of the Schools in Pune have compulsory usage of 2 or more languages which makes it easy for students for future prospects


Many international schools in Pune have started offering scholarships to students from grades 1 to 12 based on their academic and co-curricular achievements which is another reason most parents are choosing an International CBSE School as quality education has become more affordable.

Integrated Technology

Pune CBSE School has adopted the latest technological advancements to make it a more engaging daily classroom session for students. Due to smart gadgets and high-speed internet students are able to connect with peers from around the globe during school hours which facilitates long-distance project collaboration and exchange of information and ideas.

‍Student-Teacher Ratio

CBSE Schools have adopted the method of smaller classrooms( few students) which leads to more personalized attention to each student.

Facilities and Faculties

Coupled with this, many international schools have trained professional teachers and there are provisions for popular or established guest faculties from other countries to provide sessions that help students gain more knowledge in their respective fields.

CBSE School provides facilities that are on par with international standards from well-stocked libraries to labs, interactive screens to innovation studios, auditorium to sport campus facilities, and well-equipped medical facilities and security systems to create a rich learning environment.

Check out the following criteria to make sure that the school you choose not only nurtures your child’s talents and skills but will also enrich their experience.

Here are some tips to find the CBSE affiliated Schools in Pune for your child:-

Reputation of the School

A School is considered to be good for many reasons but academic track record and number of the awards it has won for excellence is the first important criteria to check and it also helps to determine the quality of teaching.

Academics and Extracurricular activities

 Find the Top CBSE schools which not only focus on academics but make sure they provide equal opportunities for various extracurricular activities which are essential for the overall development of the student.

And rest of the criteria are the same as mentioned above, such as student-teacher ratio, affordability, facilities and faculties, and enriching activities, etc, Visit us:


Ensure a bright future for your child by putting them in a Pune CBSE School. The best schools not only help the students to enjoy the learning process, but they also inculcate the love of learning in children which continues to stay with them lifelong and that is the best investment for your child you will ever make.

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