Have you ever thought about Yeltsin’s resignation. Is there a reason he resigned? We will be discussing Yeltsin’s resignation in this article. This was an important topic for both the United States of America and the United Kingdom.

According to Yeltsin’s statements, he didn’t resign because of his health problem but because of the problems of the citizen. He also apologized to Russian citizens. Let’s learn more about Why Did Boris Yeltin resign

Boris’ resignation

Referendum on March 17, 1991 approved the creation of the post President of Russia. Boris Yeltsin was elected the first president of Russia in a presidential election that took place on June 12, 1991.

The appearance of alternate currencies, the soviet ruble, in the soviet union. Low preserving oil. Increase in public debt. This didn’t only affect Russia, but also other post-soviet countries. Six months before his term ended, he resigned to shock the nation.

Why did Boris Yeltsin resign ?

He implemented several schemes to make the Russian command economy a market economy. This included economic shock therapy and national privatization. Many criticised his leadership, including his vice president. According to reports, Yeltsin stopped a rebellion outside the parliament building. This led to a new constitution. Yeltsin tried to transform the economy by organizing a war against Chechen separatists. His second term government was unable to pay the debts including the ruble which collapsed in the 1998 financial crisis.

The shocking reason why Boris Yeltsin quit shocked the nation and people. Unpopular with the Russian population, he resigned from his post.

Boris during his election

Boris was elected the first Russian president. He beat 57.30, despite the assistance of federal authorities. He struggled to preserve the sovereignty of Russia within the USSR after the election.

The first decree dealt with measures to promote education in Russia. Another decree was issued to end chaos activity by social mass movements and political parties. After his cardiac arrest, and all the scandals that he had been involved in financially and politically over many years, Yeltsin was forced to resign. He loved surprising his enemies. Why Did Boris Yeltsin resign? The answer to this question is not due to his illness, but because of problems with the mass.

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Many obstacles arose during Yeltsin’s term. As a result, Putin appointed Putin as prime minister and signed a decree to ensure Yeltsin’s protection from prosecution. This included his family’s safety, and benefits. This article does not make any allegation about or sabotage of anyone; it only contains information that we have found online.