Doing housework keeps your house, your body, and your mind in order. And we do not say it, but the experts. Of course, for some works, we need professionals like Carpet Cleaning Notting Hill.

1. Attitude and health issues

Many are the physical and psychological benefits of cleaning and ordering our house. A daily act that without knowing it may be helping us in many vital and emotional aspects, even for those who see it as an obligation.

2. Clear your home and clear your mind

People whose houses look messy tend to have higher levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, and are therefore more likely to suffer from depression.

3. Reduce anxiety

The absence of visual noise and clutter keeps your mind and your mood positive, thus helping to reduce your anxiety. Ah! And you will sting less between meals.

4. It’s not a sport but almost

The World Health Organization itself recommends doing some type of physical activity during the week in order to “improve cardiorespiratory and muscle functions and bone health and reduce the risk of NCDs and depression”, and includes sports or exercises but also housework.

5. Avoid diseases

If an act as simple as washing your hands helps prevent so many diseases, imagine a house free of dust, mites, and bacteria.

6. Improve your care

Clutter makes it difficult to concentrate, so working in a clean and orderly environment will increase your productivity.

7. No regrets

Having the housework done will not make you feel guilty when you have to undertake any other type of activity, such as reading a book or going for a walk. It’s like a self-esteem boost that improves your self-image.

8. Quality time

You will have more time to be with yours, without worrying about washing machines without putting in or dust without cleaning.

9. Open to socialize

Your house will always be open to receive visitors. You won’t have to think about whether or not everything is in order before inviting your friends over.

10. Do not avoid, you concentrate

Do not take them as repetitive and monotonous tasks, consciously cleaning and ordering helps to focus the mind on what you are doing, it is like a kind of domestic mindfulness.

A simple gesture like making a bed or airing out a room can help you sleep more pleasantly and deeply.

There are many studies that relate such a simple and everyday act as cleaning with physical and mental benefits for those who do it. Of course, you have to do it in a conscious and immersive way (quite the opposite of taking it as a routine act), since if you could not cause the opposite effect.

It was the psychologist Mihály Csíkszentmihályi who already in the 70s developed the concept of flow experiences, retaken today by positive psychology. They are the activities where the mind manages to concentrate 100% and experiences an immersive moment in which we lose the ‘notion of ourselves. During this state of flow, we get involved and work so hard that the notion of time is altered and the hours turn into minutes, just like when we were children.