Off-roading is a good way to have an adventure and see more of the outdoors. However, there is an element of risk to it. Your vehicle could get stranded in the wilderness if your vehicle breaks down or gets stuck somewhere. While the risk may be part of the appeal, you have to anticipate circumstances such as these and plan for them beforehand. This ensures that anything you get yourself into you can get back out of, even if it takes some effort.

Part of getting out of a difficult situation involves equipping your vehicle correctly. A winch is generally regarded as an essential piece of off-roading equipment, but you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of having the right off road tire.


There are several factors that determine the right kind of tires to buy for off-roading:

  • The type of vehicle you drive makes a difference. You should choose a tire size that’s within the range of what your powertrain and suspension can handle, meaning that bigger isn’t always better.
  • It can be helpful to choose tires that match the terrain you intend to travel. For example, if the ground is muddy, you may want tires designed to handle the wet ground, with more spacing between larger blocks.
  • If you intend to divide the use of your vehicle between off-roading and highway driving, consider an all-terrain tire that is appropriate for each.

Bias-ply tires are good for handling extremely uneven terrain. However, they wear out much more quickly and are not appropriate for driving on public roads.


Whether winches are strictly necessary for off-roading is a matter of some controversy. Some people argue that you can become a better driver by relying on recovery straps and other tools when you are just beginning off-roading and that recovery shouldn’t be too easy to start with. However, everyone agrees that the more experienced you are and the farther afield you drive into remote, inaccessible areas, a winch can come in extremely handy. The reality is that you’re going to get stuck eventually, and it is good to be prepared for when you do.

A winch offers you a lot of advantages over recovery straps. A winch’s cable is typically about 50 feet longer than the straps, giving you more options and preventing you from having to temporarily abandon your vehicle until you can get the tools you need. A winch can also help you navigate terrain you wouldn’t be able to cover on your own, either by clearing the debris out of the way or pulling your vehicle up over obstacles.

It is both safer and more fun to go off-roading with a friend whenever possible. However, if for some reason you have to or want to ride alone, a winch is absolutely essential. It may allow you to get yourself out of a situation that would ordinarily take two people to handle, even righting your vehicle after a rollover.

The importance of both tires and a winch for your vehicle cannot be overstated. Both are necessary for off-roading. You can find these and other essential Jeep parts to buy online.