If you are into the cannabis news and trends lately, you may have noticed a growing preference of the Indian landrace strains among growers. Nowadays, the popularity of this strain has soared as many growers seek to buy Indian landrace strain for growing. Users also buy the product so that they can make use of the powerful punch that comes with using them. in this article, we will explore some of the attributes that make the Indian landrace a unique strain.

What is so unique about landrace strains?

When you buy Indian landrace strains, what you get essentially, are pure strains with flavors and effects distinct when compared to newer hybrid strains. They are the original strains and are often considered the ancestors of quite a number of the hybrids that many users enjoy today.

The fact that landrace strains have been growing in the wild for centuries now has significantly improved their genetic profile. Growing naturally in the world has made them acquire features such as color, phytochemical variations, and leaf sizes that are unique to them. These are qualities that have been perfected by nature over time and are the ones that ensure that the plant material packs a powerful punch that will sure make a difference in your day when you consume.

The increasing interest among consumers has made it difficult to find, let alone buy Indian landrace strain. Currently, pure landrace strains are very difficult to find. Though they can be bought from exotic genetix seed bank and some can still be found growing in homes.

Why users love landrace strains

Landrace strains developed as a consequence of nature and not from manipulation by humans. The qualities that the strains possess have been developed over time into the plant that we love today. With several years of evolution behind it, the plant packs a rich measure of cannabinoids characteristic of a pure strain. The Indian landrace strains are so pure that they can be bred to yield other strains that are equally more powerful and more potent. Users love the Indian landrace strain because it is the parent plant to many of the powerful strains available in the market today.


The Indian landrace strain is quite rare. However, you can get a chance to a chance to buy Indian landrace strains online from our website. We stock the best of the exotic genetix seed bank collection. Know more details visit here: Best seed banks in USA

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