You can reach avid gamers around the world through game localization services. Are you currently wondering by which language to localize your game? You will find around 7139 languages spoken on the planet.

 It is very difficult to select the language from such a whopping number. The first thing to consider is the target market. If you are releasing your game in China, then you must go for Chinese localization services. 

 Localization is the process in which games are translated in such a manner that it resonates with the target market. 

It gives a very pleasant user experience to gamers, and they feel that games are specially designed for them. Let’s have a look at which languages you need to localize your game into.


English is probably the first language into which many developers release their games. It will give international access to your game. With the help of this language, you can not only target the USA market, but you will also be able to target the English-speaking countries of the Western world. 

Usually, players prefer to play games in their local language. However, if the game is more entertaining than people love to play in English. You cannot say this about Korean and Chinese gamers, as they don’t have more speakers outside their countries. 

English spoken in Canada is different from English spoken in the USA. Therefore, professional video game localization services should be taken into account. 

It will consider the regional and linguistic intricacies, and more and more gamers will download and play the games.


If you localize your game into the French language then it will not only give you access to France only, but you can also target the French-speaking people of Canada, Switzerland, and Belgium. 

The important thing to note about French people is that they give more importance to their local language. Therefore, if you localize your games in the French language then you can penetrate the French target market easily despite fierce local competition.


Do you know that Italy is the 9th largest gaming market in the world? The Italian language is spoken in San Marino, Switzerland, and Italy. Game localization services are very important for these markets because English proficiency in these markets is low. 

The Italian language is also considered an important language for game localization but due to economic turmoil in the Italian economy, its position is lowered. Tech-savvy people of Italy will not prefer your games unless you localize them in the Italian language.


In the list of game localization languages, the German language is ranked at number 1. People living in Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and Austria speak the German language. 

The best part of the German language is that it is closer to English than any other language. German players can also play games in the English language; thus, it is at your discretion whether to go for German localization or not.


Spanish is one of the important languages for game localization. Initially, Spanish game localization was done to cater the population of Spain only. At present, there is a large number of Spanish-speaking people living in Latin America. 

To make your game available for the masses, you must localize your game in Spanish. Latin America is not as advanced as Europe, but it is making progress with time.


Chinese is one of the world’s most spoken languages. It is the official language of the giant economy of the world, China. It is expected that China will overtake the enormous US gaming market very soon. 

This country used to have a ban on consoles, but now it is finished. People of China have a great appetite for mobiles, electronic devices, and the internet. Thus, it provides a massive opportunity for game developers.

Penetrating China’s gaming industry is not so easy. This is because of cultural and regional nuances, local rules and regulations, and the strong influence of the local Chinese market. But now, with the help of Chinese localization services, you can mitigate the barrier to entry into the Chinese gaming market.


Do you know that Japan is the pioneer of the gaming industry? Therefore, it holds a great place in the hearts of game lovers. Famous games like SEGA, Sony, and Nintendo were innovated in Japan.