Businesses often tell customer’s stories and share their experiences to build a positive reputation. Before the post-COVID era, these stories are real-life experiences and set a benchmark of efforts done by the business representatives. During the pandemic, the same role was played by third-parties companies. Outsourcing has become the topmost choice during the pandemic by most companies as services are fetched at a reduced cost, and businesses all across the world turned to India compared to China, Vietnam, and other Asian countries to meet their outsourcing needs. There are several reasons behind this move, such as government support policies, skilled workforce, etc.

Businesses from the global landscape are taking advantage of this opportunity to shape customer experience by investing in outsourcing customer support to India. Since India’s BPO industry is one of the most promising sectors, the government is taking several initiatives to push for more growth in this sector, and it seems like they are succeeding as well.  

With the recent update on government liberalizing special dispensation given to Other Services Providers (OSPs), Indian call centerspresent significant growth opportunities among overseas clientele, allowing them to provide voice-based support services within India and abroad at affordable prices.  With this news, India becomes the favored destination for outsourcing customer support at a reduced price compared to countries like China, the Philippines, and Vietnam. The fact is that BPO call center industry is booming in India. But The question arises, is India ready for this?

This blog outlines how India is catering today’s global customer support outsourcing requirements, contribution of their support teams, and the role played by the modern-day technologies to achieve the goal of utmost customer satisfaction. So, let’s get started!

How India is catering today’s Outsourcing Requirements?

In India, the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry is one of the largest industries in the country. Supported by an employable population of 1.3 billion people, shares an immense potential for outsourcing because of its relatively low-cost skilled workforce that speaks English as a native language, giving India an advantage over competitors from other countries. Moreover, BPO service providers are supported by government policies that aim to create jobs and encourage business development across various sectors.

With these benefits, India shares a remarkable presence among Asia-Pacific countries as a favored outsourcing destination. Don’t believe us? See the stats given below,

Several factors are responsible for India’s immense success in being the apt choice for outsourcing customer support. Out of which, the skilled workforce holds great importance, which we’ll be discussing next.

Role Played by Professional Agents to Achieve Customer Satisfaction Goals  

A skilled workforce is no less than an asset that guarantees success. When success is measured in terms of customer support, it indicates high customer satisfaction. Customer support is a kind of a business where every second is occupied by customers, and managing high volume phone calls remains the primary job. So, professional agents with years of experience know how to manage the high ticket volume. One of the proven tactics is reviewing historical data of the customers. 

Reviewing Customer’s Historical Data 

As said, it’s a proven tactic that plays a crucial role in managing high call volumes. The history suggests specific months or weeks where there has been an increase in the volume of phone calls. Ideation with data helps agents in better preparation for call management.

Attentively Managing Customer’s Concerns 

Proactiveness is another key strength that helps the agents stay focused and energetic to attend to customers in high volume. As per the famous saying, Rome wasn’t built in a day, similar experienced agents have also been nurtured over the years. They proactively handle customer’s requests and resolve their issues or queries. 

Now, let us talk about the role played by the modern-day technologies to help India call centers make the preferred choice for outsourcing customer support.

Cloud Technology 

It’s a modern-day technology that has completely revolutionized the industry. It makes the calling and customer collaboration process efficient and enhances the customer experience. Call centers in India, using cloud-based applications have helped the businesses attain customer satisfaction which is 10 times more than other countries.  

Conclusion  The future of India’s BPO industry is bright. India has a large customer service market that employs skilled talents at low cost, government policies that support the industry, and modern-day technologies that are poised for greater success. It’s why businesses choose to outsource customer support to call centers in India that use revolutionary technologies such as AI, machine learning, big-data analytics to improvise customer support at a reduced cost compared to other countries. Are you wondering how? If so, then please feel free to explore Go4customer services for more insightful information