photo matting

Hanging photos can be a frustrating process. Measurements must be exact, nails must be hammered precisely, and eyeballing just won’t do.

But what happens when you think you’ve hit the nail on the head and your wall art is still just…missing something?

This probably has nothing to do with how you’re hanging the picture but whether or not your photo is matted. If you have no idea what this means, keep reading to find out why photo matting is so important.

Why Use a Photo Frame Mat?

Photo matting is the process of fixing your photograph to another layer of card, often referred to as a photo mat board, within the frame.

Photo mats can come in a variety of formats and colors and provide a kind of border between your photo and its frame. The two main reasons for using a photo mat are the look that they give your photographs and protection within the frame.

Gallery-Worthy Photographs

One of the top reasons for photo matting is aesthetics.

A well-chosen photo frame mat can make your artwork stand out better than it would if it were stuck straight into a frame. You can even get custom photo mats in different styles and colors to pick up on the color palette of your photograph.

But if you’re not feeling fancy, a white photo mat is the way to go. Good use of white space is a celebrated design technique, and using photo mats is a sure way to make your photos look like they belong in a gallery.

This is because using a photo mat board creates depth and focus, allowing the actual photograph to pop within its frame. If you’re planning on creating a gallery wall, mixing and matching mat photos with normal frames creates some interesting variation.

Safety Matt-ers

Using a photo mat board is also the best way to protect your photographs in their frames. Professional framing services can create different types of picture mats that are slightly sunken or raised.

This keeps your photo from touching any part of the frame, and is a much safer option, particularly when it comes to older or more valuable photographs.

Photo Matting: How Do I Go About It?

If you’re ready to get your photos matted, you might be wondering how to go about it. Although you can DIY a very simple photo mat, it’s always best to go for a professional framing service.

Although you might think you’re good with measurements and cutting, there’s nothing worse than hanging up a picture and realizing that one of your mat borders is slightly crooked.

Plus, going to the pros means you’ll get a ton of options when it comes to photo mat sizes, photo mat boards, and colors.

The Crux of the Matter

Photo matting is a great way to make your artwork pop by centering it in its frame. Not only does it make for aesthetically pleasing artwork, but it’s also essential for protecting your photographs.

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