Cardboard Boxes

The packaging of a product is as important as the product itself. When customers buy a product, the first thing that influences him about that product is its packaging. The buyer enjoys the experience of the excitement that he feels while opening the box of the product he has purchased.

For a brand, it is essential to use an attractive cardboard box look. If the wrapping of the product is capable enough to give a positive experience to the buyer, he will be likely to recommend other people to shop from the same brand. In this way, the business increases the chances of purchases in future just with the help of cardboard boxes.

Interesting facts about cardboard box:

·         When a buyer looks at the box in which the required product is packed, he decides whether the product is worth the purchase or not. This way, the purchase of the product depends on the packaging.

·         The first box that was to be used commercially was designed by Sir Malcolm Thornhil in 1817

·         Most of the corrugated boxes are prepared with the material which is biodegradable. Owing to this, these boxes are eminently environment friendly and don’t cause any kind of pollution

·         Across the world, people buy cardboard boxes extensively. Only in the UK, nearly 5 million boxes are sold each year.

We can see these days every brand in the US is trying to use cardboard boxes in different and unique ways and there are many reasons behind it. Let us explore what is the rationale behind the popularity of cardboard box in the US.

1.       They add value to the product:

US brands know human psychology and therefore, try to act accordingly. The brands know that people will happily spend money on their product if they feel that they are getting more than what they pay. This happens when a brand manages to use a quality and appealing cardboard box.

Customers usually try to associate products of every brand with the value it comes with. Brands usually try to add value to their product with different marketing strategies such as by giving discounts. One of the finest ways to do it is to buy cardboard boxes that can enhance the user experience.

2.       Brands love packaging boxes because of branding opportunities:

As a matter of fact, not every brand is popular in the US. There are many such brands that are new to the market and need to make their place in the market with different tactics. If they use corrugated boxes of high-quality, they can do the branding. The branding enables each manufacturer to tell his customers about the brand. For selling a product out, a seller does not have to scream his lungs out to convince consumers. Rather, he is required to make an intriguing product that can directly affect the mood of the customer.

For branding purposes, every brand in the US is required to communicate with its potential customers. These days, brands have started to use cardboard boxes as a communication channel.  They use different stickers and labels just to provide relevant information to their customers.

3.       Packaging is a great marketing tool:

You should know that you need to buy cardboard boxes so as to help your store market its products in an effective way. People tend to recognise branded products more easily because of the logos etc. that they see with the frequency with which a brand markets its products. The identifiable and recognisable logos are not attached directly with the product of the market. Rather, they are showcased with the help of the cardboard box each product is housed in. Every kind of packaging actually conveys a message to the customers. A brand can convey a compelling message to influence the purchasing habits of the customers.

4.       Cardboard box complements the image of the brand:

In the past decade, people in the USA have been seen changing their mind set. They now consider everything from their life to the life of every living thing on the planet. This is the reason; eco-friendly packets and their manufacturers are given more importance

sIn order to survive in the highly competitive market, a brand is required to make a good image and then keep it. These days, people like to go for the brand that is conscious about the safety of the environment and therefore, using paper made boxes. People like to buy products from the brand that wants to minimize the impact of every activity on the planet.

When brands buy cardboard box and sell their products through them, they show that they have already taken an initiative to protect the environment. Nearly, 80% of the material used in the manufacturing of the paper boxes is biodegradable. Thus, it is safe to use these boxes. Although these boxes can complement the image of the brand, it is important for a company to make sure that they also do effective branding.

5.       An attractive packaging influences customers:

It is a basic need of every brand to choose such boxes for covering the product they sell which are capable of making an impression on the potential buyers. Additionally, every brand tries to go for a box that can convince people into buying the product they house. In the USA, every brand tries to choose the packaging that has a capacity to stand out.

If you think that your brand is worth the purchase of customers but it does not get enough attention due to several reasons, you can make it standout with the help of unique packaging ideas.

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