If you want to explore the relational database using SQL, then an SQL certification course can essentially help you set you on the right track. Designed for managing and maintaining the relational database management system (RDBMS), SQL or Structured Query Language is a standard database language based on relational algebra and tuple relational calculus. 

SQL is used to carry out multiple functions in a database, including creating a database, fetching records from a database, and performing insertion, update, deletion and modification of the recorded data in a database. 

Who Can Benefit From The SQL Certification?

Given below are the people who benefit the most from the SQL certification:

  1. Web Programmers, also known as Web Engineers or Web developers who create various applications on the web, can find SQL an essential tool to interact with the database embedded in the web application.
  1. SQL certification can also benefit Web Designers.
  1. Software Developers can use SQL to design, develop, debug or even modify new and existing application software.
  1. Database Administrators look after secure installations and patching to create a database and grant or revoke permissions, apart from maintaining data security.
  1. Business Analysts can conduct deeper and better analytical reports regarding data with the knowledge of SQL.

Will Doing A SQL Certification Help You To Get A Job? 

There is no such standard acceptable or official certification course available on SQL that will differentiate you from any other candidate, making you a more suitable candidate choice to the job seeker than the other. But yes, you can apply for analyst jobs, database administrator profiles or even data warehousing, where a SQL certification will be purposeful in serving you the required knowledge. 

In some cases, situations may arise that the interviewer wants to cross-check whether you have your fundamental concepts clear or if you possess any hands-on experience fit for heavy SQL specific jobs or SQL developmental jobs. 

The knowledge in these particular course certifications will be a plus point for your career. You can add these certifications to your resume but need to ensure that you keep updating your credentials, stay dedicated and learn whilst passing the exam. Only then you will be able to end up with high-paying jobs.

Types Of Microsoft SQL Certification Courses 

There is a wide variety of SQL Certification courses under PostgreSQL, Oracle MySQL, Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Development or Administration courses. Here are some modules under Microsoft SQL courses:

  1. Database Fundamental is an entry– Level exam to check your understanding of the core database concepts. It also measures your knowledge regarding creating a database, whether you can be a Database Administrator or manage data storage.
  1. Associate– Level exams like courses on Transact-SQL based on database development measure your ability to work with advanced Transact-SQL or query data with it. 
  1. Exams based on Database AdministrationAdministering An SQL Database Infrastructure- check your data access configuration and auditing skills, managing works related to back up and storage in a database. It validates your skills whether you can manage SQL server or disaster recovery tactics.
  1. Exams related to business intelligence development, another associate-level skill test- Developing SQL Data Models- helps you check whether you can develop and design business intelligence semantic models and maintain SQL server analysis services.

Koenig Solutions – SQL Certification Program

A leading IT training organisation- Koenig Solutions – offers a variety of SQL certification programs. Koenig is popularly known for its unique USPs. They provide one-on-one training, group training, flexible dates, adjustable sessional hours of 4hours or 8hours, with the best value and consistent educational vision meeting their customers’ needs for years.

You can gain access to their hands-on experience techniques and practice them well to secure a better job with relatable knowledge in that domain. Practical knowledge matters when it comes to any particular field. 


If you want to gain a valuable SQL certification, you can choose to enrol yourself in SQL certification courses from Koenig Solutions. You will have a clear understanding of the database models and applications. They have expert guidance facilities and guide clearly on the concepts of each topic covered in SQL. 

Moreover, you can learn online and access the material from anywhere globally after registering for the course. So, what are you waiting for? Get started today!

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