Better Access To Mental Health Care Reduces Drug Crimes

Drug and drug use are prevalent worldwide, and Fort Worth TX is not an exemption. Do we really need health care access to be reduce drug use and drug crimes? Let see first how does drugs effects our health and our life. 

What Are The Effects Of Drugs On Your Mental Health?

Drug crimes affect not only your social status in society, with criminal history tagging your name. It also reflects on your financial situation because you may find it challenging to find a high-paying job if you have a drug crime record. 

Further, illegal drugs affect your physical and mental health. The authorities in Fort Worth TX know these issues. So, to protect the residents as well as the visitors, stricter implementation and penalties are given to drug offenders. So, how do illegal drugs affect your mental health? 

Substance-induced mental disorders affect you in several ways. These include:

  • Depressive disorders.
  • Bi-polar disorders.
  • Psychotic disorders.
  • Anxiety disorders.

The good thing is these symptoms of intoxication and withdrawal are reversible if you stop using these mind-altering drugs. They last for a few weeks, and for some, the symptoms may subside longer. However, using illegal drugs can damage your brain and memory and may sometimes be permanent.

Does Access To Mental Health Care Reduce Drug Crimes?

Having criminal records can pose a hindrance to employment and other opportunities. So, people with drug crimes may rely on public assistance to augment their income. Having Medicaid can make a big difference to millions of Americans, especially those with low-paying jobs undergoing treatments.

According to a study, “Access to Health Care and Criminal Behavior: Short-Run Evidence from the ACA Medicaid Expansions (2017)”, many beneficiaries were adults at high risk for crime. The study’s result shows a significant decrease in annual crime by 3.2% with the expansion of Medicaid. What does it mean?

The Medicaid expansion enables drug crime offenders and victims to benefit from the program to get the help they need to stop their addiction and dependency on illegal drugs. However, it takes time to withdraw from this destructive habit. Others may take several months or a few years.

With the Medicaid program, drug users can access the mental health care they need to turn a new leaf. However, without the government’s support through Medicaid, they can’t continue their treatment because of a lack of finances. As a result, the tendency is to go back to doing drug crimes.

Through its health assistance programs, Medicaid offers hope for minor and adult drug crime offenders. That said, they may not be likely to get arrested again for doing drug crimes when they are under therapy. Otherwise, it would be a stark situation for them if they don’t have better access to mental health care.

Indeed, drug crimes are a reality. If you find yourself charged with such, seek the services of a drug crime lawyer immediately. You will have a much higher chance of a better outcome. 

The Common Drug Crimes In Fort Worth TX

Drug crimes in Fort Worth TX include marijuana and other drugs possession with their paraphernalia, manufacture and cultivation, trafficking and distribution, or transport and delivery. They range from less than 2 oz, which is considered a misdemeanor. Penalties include a minimum of 180 days with a maximum fine of $2,000 for a misdemeanor.

If you get involved in marijuana possession, you have a felony case for as low as four oz to as high as 2,000 lbs. You can get from 5 to 99 years in jail and a maximum fine of $50,000 for the first-degree felony case. So, whenever you get involved in illegal drugs, contact a drug crime lawyer in Fort Worth TX, because they will use every little detail they can find to form a strong defense.

When you are into trafficking and distribution of more than 2,000 lbs of drugs warrants 10 to 99 years in jail and a fine of not more than $100,000. However, you will get 2 to 20 years in prison when you are a minor and a fine of not more than $10,000. Therefore, the penalty is not too severe when you are a minor committing a drug crime compared to an adult.

Prevalence Of Drug Crimes In Texas

Why is there a prevalence of drug crimes in Fort Worth TX, and the whole Lone Star State? For example, on April 7, 2022, CBS News reported that nearly $2M worth of marijuana was confiscated in a stash house weighing 2,300 lbs. In addition, the U.S. Border Patrol agents and local police units arrested individuals from Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras. 

In another drug crimes CBS news, on April 8-9, 2022, officers with K9s conducting vehicle checks at El Paso Border seized seven packages of cocaine weighing 18 pounds from a 24-year-old U.S. citizen from Mexico. Similarly, on April 9, at the Port of Presidio, a 63-year-old U.S. citizen from Mexico was arrested for 75 lbs of marijuana possession.

Look For A Drug Crime Lawyer In Fort Worth TX

Drug offenders have better access to Medicaid and can lead a productive life after rehabilitation. Especially those greatly benefited are the most vulnerable adolescents to illegal drugs. A brighter future awaits them if they have better access to mental health. It’s not too late for them to become responsible adults with the help of various programs from the local government.

So contact a drug crime lawyer in Fort Worth to get legal assistance. They can handle different cases of drug crimes with their skills and training. That’s the first step if you want to change your life for the better and pursue rehabilitation. A drug crime lawyer can help you choose your legal options to get you out of a dire situation.