Wise Winter Ways to Make Your Home Warm While Saving Energy During the Winter

Winter is right around the corner. You may have done basic preparations for it already. But still, the end goal and what you want to achieve is to keep your home and your family warm. But this can also be a costly endeavor. Usually, this is the season that jacks up your energy bill. This is because of longer hours of using your heater.

The good news is that there are many alternatives to make your home warm. You can either get a good backup to your home heater or replace your primary source of warmth. But your main goal is to replace your energy-consuming heater with one that saves you money. 

However, which way you go, don’t lose sight of the goal—making your home and family warm during the winter. Here are some practical ways you can make your home warm while saving on energy costs at the same time:

1. Use Your Fireplace

This is one of the traditional home heaters that have been around for centuries. It might not have the capability to keep your entire home warm. But it can provide enough comfort to everyone huddling around it. 

Not only that, but its aesthetics is also pleasing to the eyes. It is one of the commonly used designs for Christmas-themed greeting cards and is associated with Santa Clause. Legend has it that the fireplace is Santa’s entry point to your home. After entering your home, he then puts your Christmas gifts under the Christmas tree.

But in reality, a fireplace is one heat source many use to keep warm during the winter. But it needs regular cleaning and maintenance. It should also be inspected by chimney experts at least once a year. You want to prevent cracks to avoid a dangerous amount of gas from leaking. You also need to watch out for the building up of wood residue known as creosote. It can become very sensitive that a tiny spark around it can start a fire.

Furthermore, you’ll need to keep flammable liquids and materials away from your fireplace when not in use. You can also install a fireplace screen. This will help you avoid those dangerous sparks. It also keeps embers from escaping into your living room. 

Do not burn newspapers, other paper materials, or charcoal. Avoid using dry leaves and other trash to start the fire. The safest material you can use to keep a fire going is natural wood. However, you can also use artificial logs. Never leave the burning fire in the fireplace unattended. And when you turn it off, make sure that the fire is extinguished and gone for good.

2. Solar Panels

It may never be as hot as it was during the summer. But make no mistake about it, the sun still shines during the winter. And if you do not find the need to use this during warmer days, then this will be extremely valuable during the coldest season. While solar panels don’t directly warm your home, they’re an alternative energy source for your home. So instead of paying your power bills in full, you’ll only be paying a reduced amount. All you need is to get experts to install solar panels on your property. That way, you can keep your heater turned on all day.

You can use the excess power for your water heater and charge your gadgets. Installing solar panels can be costly, but the benefits outweigh the expenses. This makes it more of an investment for you and your family’s comfort, which is also beneficial during power outages. Having a fully charged battery can get you through hours of not having electricity.

3. Electric Blankets

By far, electric blankets are the most practical thing you can use during the winter. It is cozy and can provide the warmth and comfort you need all day. And you are sure to have a good night’s sleep while using it. It is much cheaper than turning up your heater, and you can use it in all your bedrooms. You can also use it to preheat your beds before going to sleep. This will eliminate the risk of fire, and it is very cost-effective.

The downside is, you’ll need to be extra careful with electric blankets, and you need to check on them before you use them. You need to check for exposed or damaged wires. Unfortunately, you cannot repair an electric blanket, so you have to throw it away when the wires are damaged.

There are many other ways to keep warm and save money during the winter. Remember that what you want to achieve is a warm and cozy home during the freezing weather. At the same time, you still want to have a smile on your face when the energy bill arrives.