Heels-The Obsession

“Diamonds are a woman’s best friend” we often hear this phrase but according to me, it’s actually high heels that are the best friend, supporter, confidant and biggest cheerleader of any woman. Women all around the world love to adorn high heels as it perfectly encompasses authority, professionalism and empowerment. High heels are a vital part of power dressing that is necessary in a men dominant world, who still don’t digest women at powerful positions. Women of every age loves to pair up high heels mules and other similar types with their outfits even though wearing them is clearly uncomfortable, painful and sometimes absolutely agonizing.

So the question here is why do women have such a long lasting love and obsession with an accessory that is clearly not comfortable to wear? Well, the answer to this question dates back several centuries in the 1500s, high heels were something that started off as a practical need and that too for men! As the time went by, the practicality aspect was soon taken over by desire which led to women heels being higher, thinner and more delicate whereas the heels for men were broader, shorter and tougher. But in the Victorian era of the 1800s, the high heels made a big comeback and were now only deemed as feminine shoes. Soon the high heels were a symbol of sophistication, class, elegance and grace for every woman.

In the world that we live today, fashion designers like Christian Dior, Manolo Blahnik and Christian Louboutin have made high heels mules an ultimate expression of luxury, panache and feminism. Although wearing these delicate shoes can be a real pain in the ankle, women all around the world spend millions of dollars on high heels every year. So let’s see why women feel so strongly for heels and can’t seem to give them up no matter what!

5 Reasons Why Women are Obsessed with High Heels

1. Heels make Women Feel More Attractive

I guess the number one reason why every woman around the globe is literally obsessed with wearing high heels is that they feel their gait is more attractive, stylish, graceful and full of panache with heels.  Wearing flats or wedges or sandals doesn’t give the same effect as a pair of heels does. High heels bring posture, height and stance to the physicality and it also brings confidence, style and class in the personality. With your personality soaring high in confidence and physicality looking charming, you’re bound to feel attractive and gorgeous which translates in your gait effortlessly.

2. The Ultimate Proof of Femininity

High heels mules make a woman feel like a power house of aura and awesomeness. High Heels make you strut or swagger which means that when a girl walks in heels she struts, making her move her buttocks. Moving the buttocks in a stylish way, makes every woman realize their femininity and girlishness, whether the strut is subtle or fancy. It’s absolutely pivotal for women to feel womanly as it revitalizes their confidence and makes them feel loved and full of life. High heels can do that almost instantly so make sure you own a pair that is a quick booster for you in dull times.

3. The Love for High Heels in Inculcated in Us

The young girls for today have seen their mother’s collection of footwear in which her most prized possession is a pair of high heels. Same was the case when the mothers were children and they witnessed the same in their childhood. So the love for high heels has been stemmed in all the girls from a very tender age and that love is only inflated and grown over the years. When a woman wants to appear all boss-like, no-nonsense and full of stature, her choice of foot wear is always high heels. The decision she has to make is never between flats, mid heels or high heels mules. Its sling backs or stilettos, peep-toes or mules, pumps or points. The love for high heels is engraved in all young women from a very young age and that love is only supposed to grow and become an obsession over the years, right?  

4. Heels are the Way to Get Noticed

We as women love appreciation, attention and acknowledgement and high heels are our fool proof way to find what we want, especially male attention. When a woman dons a pair of heels she is exhibiting power, perseverance and panache which men find a little too difficult to ignore. Women feel powerful when in heels and that energy is infectious for men, trust me. Men also give more attention and credit to women in heels than to women in flats. There is just something very powerful and enigmatic about a pair of stilettos that makes men go weak in their knees. Also high heels make the playing field a bit more even so the men don’t have to lower their necks to talk to a woman, she is at par with them at all levels which is a quality every man is bound to love.  

5. The perfect Accessory with every Outfit

Another reason why women can’t seem to get enough of the high heels is the fact that no matter what occasion you’re dressing up for or how boring your outfit is, just by downing a pair of high heels mules you are all set to take on the world head on! A pair of black Christian Louboutin heels is enough to set a stage for any occasion and has the power to make or break your outfit.  Don’t underestimate the power of a pair of high heels, it can change not only alter your look but also add a ton of exuberance and energy to the whole personality, so women love their heels.

Take Away Points

Although it’s been a mystery to many people, how can something so uncomfortable and painful be so popular for centuries? But after reading this article, I think I have given proof that high heels are the best friend a woman wants as a pair of heels is reliable and resilient.