Working with your body shape is powerful. It means highlighting your favorite features so that you look and feel amazing. When something just isn’t working for you, no matter how much weight you lose or exercise you do, then the answer isn’t more hard work trying to get your body the way you want it to be. The answer is to accept your body, love it, and work with it. You have an amazing figure right now, and the trick is to work with your best features so that you look amazing. 

Not every dress style suits every body type. Those with long torsos, for example, suit flared skirts and A-line dresses more than bodycon or sheath styles. Those with wide hips will want to accentuate them by finding a dress that hugs their thighs well, like a mermaid style. There are so many options out there, but you won’t start loving the dresses you put on until you understand your shape and your silhouette. Get the perfect wedding dress silhouettes for your body, and you’ll start finding some amazing options you can’t help but fall in love with. 

To help you out, we’ve put together this guide. Use it as a primer and experiment with your next bridal appointment: 

Understand Your Shape 

First things first, you need to understand your shape. A good way to do this is to take all of your measurements. Are your legs longer than your torso? Is your chest the same size as your hips? This will help you understand what shape your body is so that you can then start investigating which styles work best for your features. 

Don’t just work off by numbers, however. If you want to start accepting and working with your body, not against it, you’ll need actually to engage with your shape. You can do this by standing naked in front of a mirror and looking for positives in your form. You can do it by trying on different dress styles to see what flatters you best. However you do it, be kind to yourself. You are beautiful just as you are, but there is a difference between a dress that flatters you and one that swamps you. 

Understand Your Skin Tone 

There are warm and cool whites, and this can make a big difference on your big day. If you have a warm undertone, for example, then you’re going to suit warm whites and even antique whites than true white or cool whites. If you have a cool complexion, that bright white is going to dazzle you. 

A good way to determine what shade of white will suit you best is to use color theory. You can do this on your own at home or go to a specialist to learn what season you are in. If you want something quick and simple, look at your jewelry. If you wear more yellow gold and prefer it, then you are likely warm-toned. If you prefer white gold and silver, then you may be cool-toned.