37 Creative Book Marketing Ideas from Publishing Pros (NEW)
37 Creative Book Marketing Ideas from Publishing Pros (NEW)

Almost four months into the year, we feel it is time for a reading checkup: how is everyone doing with their 2022 reading goals? Newly favored? Exist any five-star books? Feeling superior or inferior? Thankfully, three-quarters of the year remain, which means so! many! more! books! And these April titles will undoubtedly expand your TBR list. There is a book for every step of your reading experience, whether you are in the mood for a single, starting a new series, or revisiting your favorite writers. Scroll down to quickly add this month’s new titles to your reading list! If you’re looking for a nice cozy space to read these amazing YA books, check out Slingo.com for some luxury spots in Northumberland, UK.

The Witch and the Vampire by Francesca Flores

The Witch and the Vampire by Francesca Flores is a queer retelling of Rapunzel in which a witch and a vampire who trust no one but themselves must travel through a cursed forest filled with danger. Ava and Kaye were once the best of friends. Kaye’s mother was killed and Ava was turned into a vampire when, two years ago, vampires breached the magical barrier that had protected their town until that night. Since then, Ava has been trapped in her house. Her mother Eugenia requires her: Ava still possesses her witch powers, and Eugenia must use them to conceal the fact that she, too, is a vampire. Ava must escape her confinement, flee to the forest, and seek assistance from the local vampires in order to thwart her mother’s plans to destroy the town. When another assault occurs, she recognizes her chance and flees. Kaye’s training as a Flame witch is now complete, and she is prepared to carry out her duty of killing any vampires that threaten the town, including Ava. Kaye follows Ava the night she escapes and persuades her to travel with her into the forest, while secretly planning to turn her in. Ava agrees, hoping to reignite their old friendship and the romantic feelings she had begun to develop for Kaye prior to that tragic night. The woods, however, are treacherous due to the presence of monstrous trees that devour humans whole, vampires that attack from above, and Ava’s stepfather, who is pursuing her. As they travel deeper into the forest, Kaye begins to question everything she once believed to be true. The two are each other’s greatest threat, as well as their only hope for surviving the forest unscathed.

While You Were Dreaming by Alisha Rai

It’s a classic tale: girl meets boy, girl falls in love with boy, and boy notices girl only when she’s wearing a homemade costume. At least, that’s what Sonia Patil hopes will happen when she meets her crush in cosplay at the local comic-con. But instead of winning over her crush, Sonia saves him after he faints in a canal, and everything changes abruptly. No one knows who the masked do-gooder was because she was in disguise, but everyone is trying to find out. Sonia cannot allow this to occur; her sister is an undocumented immigrant, and the girls have been evading detection since their mother was deported to Mumbai. Sonia is forced to conceal herself from social media detectives while attempting to connect with her crush and his family. In contrast, juggling crushes and a secret identity may require superpowers. Can Sonia hide forever in plain sight?

Chaos & Flame by Tessa Gratton and Justina Ireland

From New York Times bestselling authors Justina Ireland and Tessa Gratton comes the first book in a ferocious young adult fantasy duology featuring ancient magic, warring factions, and a romance between the two people in the world with the most reason to hate each other. Darling Seabreak has no memory of her life prior to the murder of her family by House Dragon, but she knows that she owes her life to the power of her Chaos Boon and to House Kraken for rescuing her from the sewers where she spent her childhood. Therefore, when her adoptive father, the Kraken, is captured in battle, Darling vows to save him by any means necessary, even if it means eliminating every last member of House Dragon. Talon Goldhoard has always been a loyal War Prince for House Dragon, courageously commanding his brother’s elite forces as High Prince Regent. In recent times, however, his brother’s erratic rule threatens to undo a century’s worth of House Dragon’s hard work, and factions are looking to Talon to unseat him. Talon resists until he is ambushed by a fierce girl who resembles the image his brother has painted repeatedly and obsessively for years, and Talon realizes she is the key to everything. Together, Darling and Talon must navigate the perilous waters of House politics as they become entangled in the intricate game the High Prince Regent is playing against everyone. In order to survive the fiery prophecies and ancient blood magic that threaten to destroy their entire world, these most unlikely of allies will have to stop fighting long enough to learn how to fight together.

Greymist Fair by Francesca Zappia

The villagers of Greymist Fair are aware that the woods are dangerous and magical, and they should never stray from the path. However, when a young tailor discovers a body, her search for the perpetrator reveals even stranger and more sinister occurrences in her town. Greymist Fair by acclaimed author Francesca Zappia is a suspenseful and inventive murder mystery infused with magic and inspired by the Brothers Grimm’s lesser-known fairytales. Two roads enter a dense forest. They meet at Greymist Fair, a village hidden in the trees whose families never leave. People of Greymist Fair are aware that the woods are a dangerous and magical place, and that venturing off the beaten path is an invitation to trouble. Heike, the village’s young tailor, investigates the murderer after discovering a body on the road. However, her quest leads to even stranger occurrences at Greymist Fair. Inspiring by the Brothers Grimm’s original, bloody, lesser-known fairy tales, acclaimed author Francesca Zappia creates a murder mystery that will keep readers turning the pages. Greymist Fair examines the themes of childhood fears, maturing into adult responsibilities, and locating a place to call home amidst the tribulations of life and death from multiple perspectives, with each narrative building on the crime discovered by Heike. Includes chapter decorations created by the author as well as a map.

Made of Stars by Jenna Voris

Inspired by Bonnie and Clyde’s lawless love story, Jenna Voris’s heart-stopping tale of passion and crime will have you seeing stars. “A ride with the highest level of suspense. Made of Stars is an explosion of space warfare with criminals you’ll love to follow.” –Chloe Gong, author of the New York Times bestseller These Violent Delights Shane and Ava form a pair. Together, he steals the aircraft and she seduces their target in order to obtain what they require. Even their distracting chemistry could not impede their progress. Until Shane was captured and abandoned to perish on a prison moon. Now, newly released from confinement and seething with rage, he has set his sights on their largest mission to date. Cyrus recently graduated from flight school and has a position reporting to a well-respected general. On his first mission, he stops the outlaws in their tracks, or he would have if his annoyingly attractive copilot, Lark, hadn’t fallen for Ava’s deception. When Shane discovers a top-secret plot that would leave his and Ava’s home planet at the mercy of Cyrus’ military leaders, he makes it his mission to stop them at any cost. With each new heist, the two of them quickly become interstellar celebrities. And due to a chance encounter with the rebels, Cyrus is caught between two competing truths. He must choose a side immediately. Shane and Ava will either bring the world to its knees or perish trying.