Style, comfort and longevity are some of the prime concerns of buyers when they shop for a dress, accessory or shoe. Although second-hand items may have been used once or twice, buyers still do not want to compromise on their quality. Therefore, as a purchaser, to get the best deal in the second-hand market, you must be a vigilant buyer. 

How To Land A Great Deal In The Used Shoe Market

If you have a penchant for shoes and need a new pair for every occasion, chances are high that you will have to hit the second-hand market quite often. But visiting the used shoe market does not mean that your right to bargain or to get a fair deal is lost. So here are some quick tips that will help you make the most when you visit the used shoe market.

Visit The Wholesale Market

Instead of visiting a retail store for used shoes, directly drop in on a wholesale market. In wholesale stores, you will get second-hand shoes in bales. Moreover, the quoted price will be much lower than what the retailer charges. This is because the retailer adds the retailer’s cut to the selling price of shoes, thus inflating the overall cost. The only flipside of buying from a wholesaler is that you will have to purchase shoes in bulk.

Buy From A Trusted Brand

If you want to buy a used shoe high in style and comfort, buy from a trusted brand. Go online and search for a brand that has been selling used shoes for a while. Also, keep an eye on the customer reviews, the services ( return policy etc.), and the vision of the company to give you a peek into how a company handles its business.

Avoid Shoes That Are Worn Out

Used shoes may not be as good as brand-new ones, but they need not be worn out. So avoid shoes with very thin soles and heels damaged at the edges. Extremely thin soles of shoes can cause a lot of pain when you step in a stone accidentally. Likewise, broken or ill-shaped heels can cause accidental falls that can cause serious injuries.

Pay Attention To The Fit 

The fit is the key concern when it comes to choosing shoes, be they brand new or used. A size too big will slip out of your foot now and then. In contrast, a size that is too small will cause painful shoe bites. The shoe size differs from one brand to another, so it is best to try out the shoe and check the fit.


Used shoes are available at retail and wholesale stores. Buying at a wholesale store allows you to buy in bulk and at an affordable rate. But if you do not wish to buy in bulk, it is better to visit a retail store. Also, whenever you buy a shoe, be it brand new or used, pay attention to the quality (avoid thin soles, broken heels, torn straps), comfort and fit.