History, as it often happens, comes full circle. Just as the horse-drawn trolley was replaced by an office trolley, it was also replaced by a gasoline engine. The Greenbridge Suburban Line, which saw the then newly-trapped service, left it on December 18, 1954.Integrated and operated under the banner of the Single Scranton Railway Company until 1900, they did not leave a single inch of track without power, transforming anyone used by their horse-drawn predecessors in this technique.

Because the spread of such tracks connected every area of ​​the city, including many small coal patch towns, large cars were required, resulting in 35 to 40 feet long, dual-ended control trolleys from 1897 to 1904. Any direction without the need for turntable re-orientation. Both the motorman and the conductor were in it.

The breadth of this transport phenomenon can be gauged from its statistics: the Scranton Trolley Company, operating over 100 miles of track with 183 strong fleets, carried 33 million passengers in 1917. The Scranton Bus Company, a subsidiary founded in 1923, served on the expansion of the Washburn Street Trolley Line.

Representing the pinnacle of trolley design, ten cars ordered from the Osgood-Bradley car company in Worcester, Massachusetts in 1929 had leather seats and were referred to as “electro mobiles”.After the empire of electric railways and power companies, which took over nine years ago, declared bankruptcy in 1934, reorganized as the Scranton Transit Company, the Scranton Railway Company continued to operate under the original name, but the Sun has been moving toward it since the West. Horizon for

It began to decline and trackless buses grew in popularity as they no longer needed external energy sources. The lines converted 50 miles of track as a route and left a fleet of 100 cars by 1936. Twelve years later the figures were 20 and 48, respectively.

Electric Trolley Museum

Located in downtown Scranton and with both spacious parking spaces and, in some cases, the track as the Steam town National Historic Site, the Electric City Trolley Museum allows the visitor to interpret the city’s rich streetcar history and personalize many of its cars.

According to the museum, the “50-seat theatre” and other exciting performances bring to life the history of the extensive network that allowed residents of northeaster Pennsylvania to travel 75 miles on an office trolleys.

A good introduction to this is the ten-minute film, “Trolley: The Cars That Changed Our Cities,” which is constantly shown in the Transit Theatre, serving as the frontier for the museum’s exhibits. These include a sub-station model that shows how trolley motors are supplied with power to drive them, and a boardable car whose floor cut-off allows its 600-volt direct current traction motor to be inspected.

Some cars have either been re-installed or are in the process.Car number 46, for example, is a closed, double-ended, double-truck type and was one of 22 built by the St. Louis Car Company in 1907 for the Philadelphia and Western Railway, operating them between the 69th Street terminal. Was. Upper Darby and Stratford.

Powered by four General Electric 73C motors and traveling on 34-inch-diameter steel wheels, it was 51.4 feet long, 9.3 feet wide and weighed 82,000 pounds. Mainly made of wood, but using a steel under body frame, it is an example of a classic, 54-passenger interterm trolley that was popular in the early 20th century.

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