For all the men working super hard, ‘Function by Design’ is not just technical workwear but a stitched autobiography. Stretchable and durable, pants that are FXD enjoy a reputation for being low-maintenance and easy to dry.

Though you may not need to employ any special dry-cleaning means to care for FXD work pants, there are certain things you can ensure to maximise their life and even extend it. This guide spills the beans on caring for this hard-working apparel.

Caring for FXD Pants in Stages

Iconic branding and blokey advertising have made the Australian workwear market worth $2.2 billion, or have they? Besides brand pride, FXD workwear is renowned for its practicality, safety, and high functionality.

Naturally, you’d want to take good care of your FXD work pants. Let’s talk about the different stages of care –

For Washing

If you thought you needed to send your FXD workwear for laundering every time, there’s good news – a home wash is good enough and will protect the garment’s durability. But, there are certain things to keep in mind.

Start by reading the label – following the washing instructions on the label will ensure the chemical properties of the yarn are not removed. Moreover, it’s best to use a mild washing liquid, not one that is too abrasive.

For days when you come back home all covered in dirt and grime, set the washing machine on the hottest wash cycle (as permitted by the care label). Usually, the permissible cycle will be warm, not boiling. If you’re running short of time or work away from home, it’s best to choose the dry-cleaning option.

For Avoiding Shrinkage

Unlike regular apparel, FXD workwear is highly resistant to shrinkage given the pre-shrunk cotton canvas it is composed of. However, the technical yarn content cannot be boiled, which could pose risks.

One way to avoid shrinkage is to dry the workwear properly after thorough washing. Ideally, dry the work pants in a mildly hot environment. Too much heat (or the sun’s direct rays) can lead to shrinkage.

Another way to prevent shrinkage is to give the pants proper rest after one washing cycle before you wear them again. Then, let it air-dry thoroughly and then some more to keep its shape. Do not opt for laundering too often, as this could damage the garment’s appearance. You may need to invest in more than one pair to pull this off.

For Retiring FXD Wear

Despite their durability, your FXD pants will not last a lifetime. The day you notice signs of wearing out, such as tearing, fraying, etc., it’s time to say your goodbyes. Not doing so may put your health and safety at risk.

For instance – fire-retardant pants come with thermal resistance. Wearing torn or damaged pants will make you vulnerable to flames. So, when your FXD pants show unmistakable signs of withering, let them retire in peace.

Cutting to the Chase

The bottom line is no matter what you do, never throw your FXD pants into the dryer, as this is a recipe for disaster. Even brand-new FXD work pants may shrink or get beaten out of shape altogether.

Invest only with trusted brands, even if their work pants are a little pricier. Spending a little more upfront is worth it in the long run from the viewpoint of durability and quality. Regarding precautionary measures at work, you can’t afford to choose cheap!