Zarautz and Getaria are located from half an hour from San Sebastián. This part of the coast is called as the Urola Kosta region and it is presented as one of the most impressive places that you can visit in the Gipuzkoan coast. Here you can get to the famous beach of Zarautz and the port of Getaria.  Getaria port is in quite an impressive natural location, between the mouths of the Urola and Oria rivers, surrounded by prominent cliffs and impressive beaches. In this are you can find charming fishing villages, green vineyards, museums, and a great gastronomy whose main dishes come from the sea.

If you are thinking in visiting this part of Gipuzkoa, we recommend getting an apartment hotel in San Sebastian, since it will offer a lot of advantages and it will make you feel at home while travelling around this part of Spain. Getting to Zarautz from San Sebastián is quite easy by car and there is also a bus which can take you there from the city.

Getting to this part of the Gipuzkoan coast is a perfect plan to expend a day or some days away from the city and to practise some surf and water sports. Zarautz beach is the longest in the Basque Country and one of the longest in the Cantabrian Sea, hence it is known as “The Queen of the Beaches”. It has 2,500 meters long which allow long walks and the practises of a lot of sports.

It is very nice to walk along its promenade, where you can find sculptures, children’s play areas and terraces, and flanked by 19th century styled houses. The most famous palace you can find by the beach is the Palacio de Narros, which was a summer resort for Queen Elizabeth II. At the eastern part of the beach there is a protected area, included in the Natura 2000 network, – made up of dunes, marshes and cliffs.

The beach of Zarautz is one of the most beautiful on the entire Gipuzkoan coast. Its crystal-clear waters and golden sand contrast with the greenery of the mountains that surround it. Zarautz beach is divided into three areas: on the western side it is the area most frequented by families, the central part is reserved for surfers, and at the eastern end of the beach we find the protected sand dunes and cliffs where you can find a lot of different flora and fauna.

The beautiful promenade is a highly attractive that made Zarautz as a very touristic place. This walk crosses the entire town of Zarautz and continues to the town of Getaria, always with the sea on one side. Getaria is 5 km away from Zarautz and it is just 10 minutes by car from each one.

Zarautz beach, is as well famous for being the Spanish surfer’s paradise. Thanks to its impressive beach and the wild waters, Zarautz is one of the usual destinations on the World Surfing Circuit. For that reason, in these lands there is a great surfing tradition, and there are many schools where you can have surfing classes since childhood.  One of the most famous surfing school is Pukas, as well as local brand of boards well known worldwide. If you want to try surfing, learning in Zarautz is the perfect place to start your adventure, especially followed with a sunset and half tide, having one of the best experiences of your life.

Zarautz village

As well as the beach, you can also get time to visit the historic centre of Zarautz where you can find some palaces and stately homes, with heraldic coats of arms, such as Torre Luzea (medieval tower-house 16th century), Casa Portu (Town Hall) or Casa Doktorekua (16th century).

The town also has the typical Basque farmhouses and buildings with more modern architecture. The cultural offer is wide and the village of Zarautz is very lively. You can visit the Museum of Art and History, the House of Culture or the Photomuseum.

At the top of Mount Meagas there are spectacular views of Zarautz, and there you can visit the hermitage of Santa Bárbara where it is located. It is an 18th century hermitage. This is an ideal place to enjoy panoramic views of Zarautz and one of the points of interest on the route between Zarautz and Getaria. It is also part of the Camino de Santiago de la Costa.

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