10 Coffee Accessories


If you love coffee, then you probably have a few coffee accessories already.  Grinders, frothers, decanters and more serve a purpose in the coffee experience.  First, there’s the brewing equipment which depends on your favorite brewing style.  

here are accessories for specific brewing styles and there are accessories that make life easier.  Here we’ll cover a few of the best accessories to have in your coffee corner.

Coffee Grinder

If grounds are your thing, then you probably don’t need a coffee grinder.  That is until someone gifts a bag of delicious coffee beans.  At that point, the coffee grinder is needed.  

There are handheld, countertop, plugged in, and charged variations of coffee grinders.  There’s one to fit any need!

Adjustable Tea Kettle

Adjustable tea kettles are handy to have in any house.  They are easy to set aside and keep warm without using as much energy as a stovetop does.  Generally, kettles will get water to boil in a few minutes: this leaves you hands free to work on getting coffee grounds, cups, and carafes together.

Another benefit of the kettle is that some of them can be plugged into the wall, others can be charged or plugged in via USB.  No matter where you go, it’s easy to bring along a USB powered kettle so you can have a nice cup of coffee.

Small Wooden Spoons

Many items that are made to brew coffee are made out of glass.  Metal spoons, porcelain spoons, and even metal stirrers can hit the glass just right.  Sometimes it’s not that bad and at other times, an expensive piece of equipment shatters.  

This is why small wooden spoons must be a part of your arsenal.  They are safe for glassware and can also be used as rustic dessert spoons.  The double use seems pretty handy!

Temperature Control Mug

It doesn’t matter what beverage you drink in the morning, a temperature control mug is handy for keeping coffee at the perfect drinking temperature.  If you like your coffee hotter than Hades, then several mugs can reach that temperature.  

Some of the best products are going to have coasters that recharge the cup: double check on battery life too.  An hour tends to be the average battery life for these mugs.


For both hot and cold coffee drinkers, stirrers are very important tools.  You can purchase wooden, metal, or glass stirrers.  If you search hard enough, there are stirrers with different aesthetics.  If you find one that fits your coffee station, make sure it can withstand heat.

Stirrers made out of plastics can be dangerous if they cannot deal with the heat.  Some stirrers can melt and release chemicals into your coffee.  It’s best not to deal with them and stick to wood, metal, or glass.


Yes, decanters are very important!  If you plan to have a group over, or if you want to have coffee stored safely in the fridge, then a decanter is necessary.  There are several different kinds of decanters as well.  Over at Caffeine Craze, they have a great review of some of the best decanters you can find.  

Handheld Frother

Most frothers are going to say that they are for milk and this is true.  However, milk frothers are also handy for blending coffee that has milk, flavorings, and sugars added.  Once you have used a frother, there is no going back.  

Coffee Mat

Coffee stains.  They are annoying, don’t come up that well on certain surfaces, and make counters look fairly unclean.  Coffee mats are one of the best ways to keep your coffee corner clean and keep counters protected. 

Cold Coffee Cup

There are several tumbler versions that each claim that they keep things coldest.  Reviews will vary and ultimately, you have to shop for what works for you.  One of the most important accessories for those who live off of iced coffee, is a tumbler or cup designed to keep coffee cold.  

Silicone Straws

Plastic straws are a thing of the past and metal straws can sometimes cause tooth sensitivity.  Wooden straws are great, however they easily grow molds and can also easily splinter.  

The safest choice is silicone.  Silicone straws are dishwasher safe, respond well to cleaning, and hardly get moldy.  It is suggested to switch out the straws daily for your health.  Silicone straws come in many shapes and sizes from normal to boba size.


Coffee accessories are fun to have around the coffee corner because they make the experience more enjoyable.  From cups that keep coffee warm, to straws that don’t hurt your teeth, each accessory has its own use.  

Personal favorite? The coffee mat!  It organizes counter space and helps keep counters clean.  Which was your favorite?