At home, on public transport, at school or at work, you can quickly get bored. So here are some great sites to pass the time. 

Unnecessary knowledge

If you’re afraid of dying an idiot, go to Savoir Useless. This site is going to give you real facts about just about anything and everything. For example, did you know that the temperature in a Formula 1 cockpit rises to 50 degrees and that pilots lose an average of 2 kilos per Grand Prix? Yes, there is no point in knowing that but you are still happy. And then it allows you to put an end to awkward silences with your colleagues or with that old friend that you see again on the train.

Chuck Norris Facts

Without really wanting it, Chuck Norris has become a real star on the internet. Better: a God. The worst part is that the majority of people have never seen a Norris movie, not even an episode of Walker Texas Ranger. It’s unclear why Chuck quickly became the personification of the impossible. For example, you probably know that Check Norris has already counted to infinity… twice. Do you want more? So let’s go to Chuck Norris Facts!


How about playing a game? You may have played this with your friends in the car before: you think of a personality or an object and your friends have to guess what it is by asking you questions. It is exactly the same principle for Akinator. Just go to the site, think of a fictional personality or character and the genius Akinator will ask you questions. You answer it (without lying otherwise it’s cheating) and it finds who you were thinking of. What to become a little paranoid.


Lately there is a craze going on the internet where people are trying all kinds of fun quizzes and tests and IDRlabs is your one stop shop if you want to partake in this activity. These tests can not only be fun but also informative. My personal favorite is the difficult person test. So check out the site and let me know your favorite.

A joke

We often need a little joke to lighten the mood. Here, as we feel that you are tense, you know the difference between an alligator and a crocodile? It’s the same caiman. Voila, we already feel better. It’s the same with colleagues at the coffee machine or at a party where you don’t know anyone. To fill your tank of jokes, nothing better than the site Une Blague .

Do nothing for 2 minutes

It sounds simple but actually not really. Go to the page named and do nothing. This is the concept. The goal is to open the page and not touch your keyboard or mouse for 2 full minutes. To help you, you will have the sound of the waves but that’s all. Will you be able to meet the challenge?

The GIF controller

Do you like Gifs? Gifs Checker is for you! Just look for a gif in the search bar and then move your mouse from left to right. Good evening, you might have fun.


Want to travel while lying on your sofa? So head to MapCrunch! The concept is cooler: you press a button and the site sends you to a completely random location on Google Street View. If you want to discover a particular country, you can choose filters and choose a country or a continent and you set off to discover your future vacation destination. Well, afterwards, you may as well come across a landfill as a magnificent landscape. But as they say, it takes everything to make a world.



This site wins the prize. Do you like cats? Do you like music? So why not marry the two? Procatinator indeed offers you gifs or videos of cats chosen at random from the infinite reservoir that is the internet. The site then adds random music over the images and all you have to do is laugh.

Rainy mood

Rainy Mood is excellent in hot weather! If you’re bored, why not take a nap? So go to the Rainy Mood page, close your eyes and fall asleep in the cool… The sound of the rain can also help you focus and relax so give it a try and it might change your life.