Many people think of Hollywood when they think of the American film industry, but much of the action takes place in neighboring Burbank. Many ‘Hollywood’ production studios and movie lots can be seen here, and the film industry has called Burbank home since the 1920s. Burbank is a city, but many residents claim that many of its neighbourhoods have a more rural feel to them. If you’re a movie buff, you should know that both Disney and Warner Brothers have movie lots in Burbank, so if you’re looking for a true slice of American cinema, this is the place to be.

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1 Magnolia Park

Magnolia Park is a misleading name for this district, which is around the main artery of Magnolia Boulevard. Magnolia Park is known for its vintage clothing stores and is less of a park area and more of a shopping area. If you enjoy old-fashioned movies and want to dress in 1950s attire, you’ll find it here. Along with shopping, events such as live music nights are here throughout the year.

2 Flappers Comedy Club

Flappers Comedy Club is the ideal location for those looking for a good time in Burbank. Many famous American comedians got their start here, and there are over 40 standup comedy shows to choose from each week. You can have dinner or drinks also to the show, and many of the comedians work as writers for some of America’s most popular comedy shows, such as Conan and Letterman. As a result, be aware that you are witnessing some comedy gold here. Surprise visitors are also frequent, so you never know who will be in the house.

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3 Burbank Farmers Market

The Los Angeles area is known for its farmer’s markets, but Burbank Farmers Market is superior to many of the other options in the area. Nestled behind Burbank City Hall, the market retains a small-town feel, with vendors coming from all over the area to sell their wares. This means that you can sample some of the region’s best produce from as far away as San Diego or San Francisco. Baked goods from local bakeries in Burbank are also well-represented and are to be a market highlight.

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4 Warner Brothers Studio

If you enjoy movies, you must visit the Warner Brothers Studio while in Burbank. You can take a guided tour of the Warner Brothers production lot, going behind the scenes and learning about the famous movies that have been here. To that end, a special exhibition is of one of the studio’s most well-known franchises, the Batman films. The Warner Brothers Museum, which houses famous costumes, props, and scripts from Warner Brothers’ history, is also included in the tour.

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5 Brace Canyon Park

Brace Canyon Park, one of the city’s most exciting green spaces, is a great place to go for a little adventure in the Burbank area. This is more than a park; it is also an activity centre where you can engage in outdoor activities such as zip lining, tennis, and baseball. The park is in a Burbank residential park where it enjoys fresh air from the nearby surrounding mountains and is surrounded by large trees, making it the ideal place to cool off from the California heat. There are also relaxation areas such as picnic areas and grassy lawns if you are feeling lazy.

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