Unfortunately, headaches are a common occurrence in many people’s lives today. Stress in our world today can be hard to avoid; anxiety plays an integral part of this equation and often triggers by doing routine, daily tasks. . Here are 5 ways to alleviate your headaches in a more natural way: drink lots of water, use natural oils, apply cold compress, apply heat, get enough sleep, and try taking a supplement. If these don’t help alleviate your headaches, it is recommended that you see a doctor that can help with headache treatment Rigby.

Drink Lots of Water

Although it might sound redundant to state it again and again, water intake should always be prioritized for optimal body functioning. Our bodies pay the price when our needs for liquid are left unmet; typically resulting in headaches the following morning due to dehydration from lack of drinking enough throughout the previous 24 hours. It’s important that you are taking care of your body for your future self every day. And water is the very best place to start. 

Use Natural Oils

Natural oils can be used heavily to help alleviate a headache. A peppermint oil can be the very best option to use. Peppermint oil rubbed onto the forehead or back of neck can help relax tight, tensed muscles while beginning to ease facial muscle strain, alleviating any associated facial pain. Note: be sure to lay down before doing this as peppermint oil has the tendency to seep into skin layers quickly and spread. Sometimes it gets close to the eyes if you don’t pay attention to your body placement. 

Apply Cold Compress

A cold towel, rag, ice pack or something of that nature is best to be placed on the forehead while laying down. The cold temperature can also help lessen the tense muscles in the face that can intensify a headache. 

Apply Heat

Sometimes, people would rather use heat on their forehead. Sometimes it helps, but typically having a cold temperature is best. Heat is best when applied to the back of the neck. Another way heat is used best with a headache is heat on the feet. If possible, putting on the hottest temperature you can bare in a bathtub and placing just the feet in the tub can help alleviate some of that pressure in the feet. 

Get Enough Sleep

We hear it all the time. Sleep is so important to get enough of. In order to function properly to begin with, we need plenty of sleep. But in order to keep your body healthy and more free from headaches, getting enough sleep is vital. Sleep and water is the biggest reason that people get headaches so regularly. 

Try Taking a Supplement

This might not work for some people, but taking a magnesium supplement can be very beneficial for someone that suffers from headaches. It’s common that someone that gets headaches often is lacking the magnesium vitamin.