Time tracking has been a demanding requirement of most of the employees. In addition, since the pandemic has occurred and most of the employees are working from home, free time tracking software for employees has become essential. Who needs a time tracking app? Why time tracking for your remote team? What difference does time tracking software make? Let me answer all these questions with today's blog. But, first, let me give a brief introduction on what is a time tracking app and how does it connect with your business's invoicing solution? Project Estimation Software with Time Tracking Business around the world is not relying on a single feature for managing their business. Indeed, they need software that can be easily switched to many features for making their daily operations easy. Likewise, only a time tracking tool cannot help businesses manage their remote working team or overall business management. Indeed, they require a lot of other tools too to keep their business going smoothly. A comprehensive business management tool is online invoicing software that helps with project estimation, time tracking, cloud data sync, business reporting, and much more. A best project estimation software with time tracking ability adds a cherry to the cake. Business owners can send the estimates, get them approved, start a timer for teams, and turn time into invoices with a single click. Now, let's talk about managing your business team or remote working employees with time tracking feasibility. Time Tracking Software: A Tool So Essential Time tracking is not mere software. It is indeed a tool that is important for managing your business tasks and employees by turning the timer facility on. Many online invoicing software(s) offer a time tracking feature with different variants to help the business owner connect with the most appropriate tracking project or employee's working hours. Let's check out the benefits of the time tracking app for managing the remote team! Achieve Transparency A project estimation software with time tracking helps your business to achieve 100% transparency. In addition, you can manage your employees better by keeping track of their productivity against the working hours. When you have a time tracking tool, you can ask your remote working team to turn on and off the timer to keep track of their total working hours. This whole scenario brings in more transparency between the employees and the company. A time tracking software gives no chance of confusion. Indeed, it helps increase the understanding between the company and the employees by keeping track of their activities. Your remote working team need not discuss their daily tasks as everything is mentioned in the software, including the activities done, breaks taken, and numbers of working hours. Enhance productivity Many of us are not aware of what productivity is. For example, we think that tasks that are accomplished define productivity. But no! This definition doesn't work! Productivity means work achieved in the best possible time. The efficiency rate must be good or excellent for having it termed as productive work or productive service. Productivity is often achieved when there is a supervising toolset for the employees. However, especially in the remote working environment, you need to keep an eye on the employees' activity for accomplishing the tasks. A time tracking feature in your invoicing software will add feathers to your business's productivity. Bill & Pay Becomes Accurate Imagine there is no tool to check the accuracy between the tasks done and the tasks charged. A time tracking app will help your business to make accurate invoices as invoices or bills will be designed after converting the project tasks or hours. Only those hours will be calculated that are considered or invoiced by the software. Hence, there will be a direct link between the bill designed and the bill to be paid. Your business's billing errors or confusions will come to an end with perfect project estimation software. And error-free billing will help to retain more clients in the longer run. Increase Profitability Tracking hours for enhancing productivity and billing accuracy directly reflects in more profitability. Your business can have more trustworthy employees on board, and it is always a likewise situation. Time tracking software will help your business keep a close watch on the activities, billing hours, and productivity. It will, in turn, increase overall business profitability by making your business more viable. Lastly! Remote work is not going to end so soon. Many companies have boosted working from home models and are looking forward to having it for many more years to come. But yes, employees' productivity shouldn't be harmed by providing them with the independence to work from home. For the same, time tracking software does wonders for your business. Your company's remote working team can perform with great efficiency with the help of project estimation software offering time tracking tools.

To market business, you have multiple options to go with. But not all social media platforms work the same as you expect. They give different results due to different boosting algorithms.

Before you use any social media platform you must know how the platform works and how people can reach your content.

After learning about the algorithm, select the best platforms that have the ability to produce better results. Obviously, by using only one platform you can not accomplish your goal.

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So it is better to select more than one platform and frequently use them to stay engaged with your audience. If you feel any problem in selecting the best platforms for your brand.

Then you are at the right place. In this article, we will tell you about some famous social media marketing platforms that market your business on a higher level. So let’s start the discussion.

Which Social Media Platforms You Can To Market Business?

Here are some best and famous platforms that help you to market your business by promoting your products. Have a look at them for efficient use

1. Facebook

The most know common social media platform is Facebook. Because it has an easy user interface and allows people to stay connected to each other in a better way.

It gives you entertainment and the facility to promote your services or brand at the same time. Creating a Facebook account is not enough until you make a business page.

Because the account is personal and you can use it to contact your friends and family.

But the business page is for all people that you know or do not know. Unlike account, people do not have to request you before following the page.

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By just clicking on the follow button they can see your content and can contact you through the message. Facebook gives notifications to people when their friends like and comment on other people’s posts.

By opening the notification they can view the post and even the page. If someone is not interested in seeing the post from notification, he can view it on his home page.

The post will show a friend’s name that leaves a comment on the brand.

To reach more audiences you do not have to write creative content. You just need more audiences that promote your content on a wide level.

2. Instagram

The second most used social media platform is Instagram. The algorithm is different from the one on Facebook. This platform does not give notification to the people when their friend like or comment on other people post.

Now you might a have question that how to sell on Instagram? Your question is valid as they do not notify the user’s activity. But they do provide the hashtag facility.

By using hashtags in your content you can attract the target audience. When you upload the product post make sure you use the right hashtags and the picture or video has good quality.

There is no limit on using hashtags. You can use multiple hashtags in a single post. Just make sure they all are relative to your content. Because instead of following business pages most people follow hashtags.

So if you use the right hashtags people can see your content. You can also boost up your content through ads. These ads come in the people’s feed and redirect people to the main business page when they click on it.

3. Linked In

It is considered a professional social media platform. Because only professional people that sell services and brands use this platform. Also, the algorithm of this platform is different.

You can not use this platform for entertainment as you use Instagram and Facebook. You are only allowed to upload the contact that relates to your brand or services.

Here you also have the facility to use hashtags. So that you can target the right audience.

Due to the professionalism of this platform, there are fewer chances that fake accounts disturb you in the chat section or leave wrong comments on your post.

All the audience will be organic and they will surely purchase your products and help you in promoting your business. So make an account your account of this platform

4. Twitter

It also uses hashtags to promote the content. Twitter displays only relative content. People can see the tweets of the pages that they follow.

No other tweet will come in their feed until one of their friend retweet the different content.

Instead of sharing the post people have to retweet it. The retweeted post is the one that appears at the top of the hashtag.

Unlike other social media platforms, Twitter shows the top 10 trending hashtags with the number of tweets.

In this way, people can see the viral content and also can upload a post using the same hashtag. In a tweet, you can share a picture, gif, video, or simple text if you want.

5. Youtube

The user interface of Youtube is completely different from what you see on Facebook and Instagram. Here you can upload only videos not the picture.

Instead of making a business account, people have to make channels where they can publish content. You can upload the content that relates to your products or services.

Now because of youtube shorts, you do not need to make lengthy videos of 5 to 10 minutes. You can convey your message in some seconds and it will not bore people.

6. Pinterest

It is also the most used platform that people use to market their business. For promotion, it takes less money than Facebook and Twitter. Just be consistent in making posts.

Make sure to upload creative content daily so that your visitors stay engaged. Keep the quality of the pictures good that you upload. The results of Pinterest are amazing as you get what you expect.

By promoting your products you can see a huge audience in a short time. Just upload the post with the right content so that people can easily reach your content and buy it.

7. Reddit

Rather than engaging and connecting Reddit focuses on learning and sharing. It is also the best social media platform that you can use to market your business.

Reddit groups have more rules than other social platforms to avoid fake accounts. You are only allowed to post content about your page only one time.

If you upload more posts then you will be removed from the group. You need to be more creative if you want to use Reddit. It gives you organic customers if you follow the guideline.

Instead of uploading more posts, you can have more interaction with the group members. You can even ask them how you can make your business better and promote it to reach more audiences.

Wrapping It All Up!!!

That’s all folks. If you use all these social media platforms to market the business then in a short time you will surely see good progress.

But you need to stay consistent in the starting time so that you can attract more audiences and reply to them easily.

You should also monitor your social media performance by using analytical tools. To make sure whether your strategies work or not.

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