We spend a good quality of time in our cars whenever we travel and therefore it gets essential to make a vibe that is wonderful and quiet. When it comes to purchasing, a quick mileage vehicle with all that elements can be one of the significant criteria, but its smell is also important to justify comfortability and hygiene. No one will get inside a vehicle that has a foul smell? A foul or bad smell isn’t just unhygienic yet additionally makes a bad introduction about you among your loved ones. Regardless of the model you own, there will be not any individual who might need to take a ride in it.

Cars are counted among the biggest financial purchases and seek the proper attention of the owner to avoid costly repairs that can arise anytime. When we fail to maintain our cars regularly, it starts generating smells, making it uncomfortable and unhygienic to drive. Below we have penned down seven common smells that arise due to failure of any part. If you are experiencing any of them in your car, get your vehicle at a trusted car service Perth to get the desired solution.

1. Burned Carpet

Are you experiencing burned carpet smell whenever you head towards driving? It can be because of overheating brake cushions. This might be normal while driving down a mountain pass where there is a requirement of intense braking. As brakes are the fundamental criteria of safe driving, it gets essential to get them repaired at a certified auto care services provider.

2. Musty Smell

Does your car smell musty? If yes, it can be because of an issue in your car air conditioner unit. When the car condensation gets build up instead of getting drained, it causes a mild and musty smell. To solve this issue, the best thing is to get the car air conditioning repair in Melbourne. Car mechanics have equipment that can dry out the moist system and eliminate the smell from your vehicle.

3. Syrup

At the point when your car smells sweet like syrup while it’s running or when it recently turned off. It can be because of a defective radiator or hose or a break in the vehicle’s warming framework. Regardless, best to have it looked at immediately at a local car repair shop before the radiator runs dry or the warming framework separates.

4. Fuel Smell

Does your car smell like it always stands 24*7 at the gas station? Although it’s perfectly okay if your fuel smell comes from your car during refuelling, if it continues to come, it can be because of an issue in fuel injection. Get your vehicle duly checked at a service centre to get a complete range of solutions as per your make and model. As many certified auto care shops provide logbook services, it’s a smart decision to take complete services assuring peace of mind.

5. Burned Rubber

If your car smells like burned rubber, then it can be because of the issue in the engine hose and belt. When the engine belt is about to lose or break, it starts producing a smell that needs to get avoided. To counter this issue, the best solution is to take your car to an auto mechanic who can do the quality belt replacement as per the make and model.

Rotten Eggs

The rotten eggs smell arise when the catalytic converter is not converting hydrogen sulphide into sulphur dioxide. If this issue arises when your car is under warranty period, taking your vehicle to a dealership is a good call. There are many logbook servicing providers in Perth that can provide services parallel to dealership standards while not charging like them. Taking your car to the best auto care services provider can get you the best services.

Locker Room

Are you able to experience a similar kind of smell in your car that usually comes from locker rooms? It can be because of issues with the car air conditioner. The best option to counter this issue is getting a quality air conditioner service that can cover everything in your car.


Our cars are one of the prized possession that we like to boast to everyone. It does need an extra mind that when it comes to its servicing and repairs, there is no point in cutting corners or taking the services of the cheap auto care services provider. If you are experiencing any smell in your car, get it checked at car services Perth to get the best outcome from your car.