A home’s wall colors have a direct impact on how you feel as soon as you enter the space. Do you like to describe your home’s personality as “cozy”? Or you would like to go for a more “eccentric” vibe? In every color family, there are both bolder and calmer shades. The darker shades translate to being sophisticated and elegant, whereas the lighter tones cultivate a more neutral and calm space. Speaking about wall colors and combinations that can wake up any space, we cannot miss out on the versatile shades of purple. Mostly associated with power, ambition, and royalty, the color purple is perfect for your home spaces if you want positive effects on your mind and body. From adding calmness to any space to creating uplifting energy and inspiring imagination and creativity, you can use different shades of purple to brighten up the inside of your home with our expert Sarasota interior painting services.

The incredible versatility of the color purple can be tailored to suit the mood of your space. For instance, darker purple shades like amethyst and wine can create a more sophisticated look. Likewise cooler purple shades like lilac and lavender can lend a calm and peaceful personality to your spaces. Read on to find seven shades of purple paint and how they can transform any space.

7 Purple Shades To Get Inspired

  • Orchid

Thanks to the Pantone color of 2014, “radiant orchid” made its presence felt in everything from home decor to wedding inspirations. While the deep shades of the color orchid are deemed “rich and powerful,” the soft tints are feminine and elegant. You cannot view this color in a vacuum or consider it a one-hit wonder as it works best in both accent and primary colors. So you can go for a solid orchid color mirror and pair it with statement textures like animal prints or geometric patterns. Or you can go for a more pale and subdued version of the orchid color to match your furniture.

  • Amethyst

Amethyst is the jewel-toned version of purple. To create a bold look, you can paint the walls and ceiling in your favorite neutral color and add bright pops of amethyst purple around the area to give contrast so it does not feel muted or boring. The dark and pure amethyst version is mostly seen as youthful and fun which can make it the perfect color to complement neutral shades like deep charcoal, light ivory, and greenery.

  • Lavender

Associated with romance and the season of spring, the color lavender can be used as a neutral backdrop to create a more vintage look. You can use deeper shades of purple (amethyst and wine) to complement the neutral shade (lavender) without feeling overwhelmingly purple. Or pair it with other light shades like moss green and pale butter yellow to punch up your neutral space.

  • Mauve

The color mauve has a subtle impact that can be used on more than one wall. Make sure to use this shade on surfaces that elevates the nature-centric character of this color. It displays hints of gray and works with a lot of schemes including both neutral and accent color palettes.

  • Lilac

Another grayish purple, lilac can be used to decorate with brighter colors like blue and red. Just like lavender, you can use lilac as both an accent and primary color in your space. This soft purple tint speaks volumes for sweetness and romance and complements both outdoor and indoor areas. 

  • Wine

A saturated purple that is used mostly with red, the color wine is warm, lively, and flattering. It can instantly make your space look rich and vintage if mixed with warm undertones like equally deep red and dark wood.

  • Violet

Without being overtly dark, this deep shade of purple can make a statement impression. You can incorporate darker shades of violet in your cabinets and shutters and incorporate lighter shades for your rugs and drapes.

Featuring some of the most flexible and multifaceted colors, the purple color family can give an instant makeover for almost every space in your home. From romantic periwinkle and lilac to jewel tone amethyst and high gloss plum, this royal color family is one of the most used colors for homes and offices. The above-mentioned ideas can add as many bold and neutral shades of purple paint as you want to your walls, furniture, cabinetry, and decor items. However, purple paint color ideas can sometimes go horribly wrong. Hence you should get in touch with a reliable painter in your area to see what pairs best with the kind of look you are aiming to create. So go on and create your Pinterest-perfect home with your favorite purple color ideas after getting in touch with your chosen home painters to make your home stand out in a magazine-worthy way.